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App Launch Press Release

Hundreds of new apps are released every day. How many of them do you know about? The answer is…not many.

Maybe some of these apps are not all that great, and that’s the reason we don’t know about them. Let’s face it. If hundreds of new ones are released every day, how many of them can be worth using?

But it’s just as likely that some of those apps are the best, greatest things ever invented. They may be even better than Google Play or Messenger. Maybe yours is one of them. If so, it’s your responsibility to let the world know about it.

That’s where an app launch press release comes in!

Maybe you or your co workers have had some negative experiences with press releases. Maybe you feel that they don’t really work. Well, sometimes they don’t.

A press release is only effective if it is constructed in such a way to get the attention of journalists and reporters. We have a few pointers to help with that.

  1. A Memorable Headline. Give your press release a short but memorable headline that tells your audience exactly why they need to keep reading. Be sure to mention the name of your app or your company in the headline. Reporters scan headlines to decide what stories to cover, so make your headline a real attention-grabber if you can.
  2. Stick to the Facts. Journalists want factual information. If you use too much exaggerated language, then your app launch press release will look like an advertisement. Keep your tone objective and always back up any assertions with real information.
  3. Proofread. Even with spell check, you’d be amazed at how easy it is to overlook basic errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Reporters make their living through accurate written communication, so take any steps necessary to avoid these mistakes. Proofread your press release several times, and then ask one or two of your smartest friends to proofread it for you too.
  4. Give a Clear Call to Action. What is your ultimate goal in publicizing your app launch? Do you want people to download the app? Or maybe visit a website to find out more about it? Clearly tell your audience what you want them to do, and make it easy for them to do it.
  5. Make It Relevant. Do some preliminary research about your consumers and find out what kinds of things they are reading. Then write your app launch press release to reflect their interests.

And most important of all…make sure you choose an excellent press release distribution service that will get your app launch press release into the hands of the right people without charging you an arm and a leg.

Press Release Jet is a great option, with press release distribution packages starting as low as $69. This is a very efficient way to get news of your app launch out to the major news networks.

Let us help you get your incredible new app out to the world.

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