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Top 10 Tips for WooCommerce SEO

WooCommerce SEO

Practical and versatile, WooCommerce is one of the best tools out there right now for online store owners.

But once you’ve built your store, how do you get people to visit and to purchase?

We have compiled our list of the top 10 SEO tips for your WooCommerce site.

  1. Product descriptions. Don’t neglect these! They are very important for humans as well as search engines. They tell visitors the topic of your product page. Put in some high-volume keywords that are descriptive of your product.
  2. Site speed. The research [1] is clear: your conversion rate drops by 7% for each second it takes your page to load. Speed up your site by compressing large images, using a cache service, or upgrading your hosting.
  3. Optimize for mobile. An increasing number of consumers now make their purchases via mobile. Making your site mobile-ready is one of the most crucial things you can do to increase sales.
  4. Long-tail keywords. Keywords that are long (for example, “red cowboy boots” instead of just “boots”) are more specific and will set your site apart in the search results.
  5. Avoid “keyword stuffing.” Google’s search algorithms are savvy to the practice of “keyword stuffing” ( loading a website with too many keywords in an attempt to manipulate search rank), and your site can be penalized for that. Use keywords that seem relevant and natural.
  6. Alt text for images. To make sure that your product comes up in image searches, optimize the Alt text for any images using descriptive keywords.
  7. Link building. The more websites link to your store, the more your rank will go up in search results. Invest resources in getting links that from high-quality sources and that are relevant. One way you can start is by including a link to your store in your next press release.
  8. A blog. More high-quality content means better SEO! Create a blog that relates to your product in some way, and update it regularly.
  9. Rich snippets. These allow a more specific categorization of your products in the search results. There is a WordPress plugin called All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets which will help you make the most of these.
  10. Social media integration. By connecting your site to Facebook and Twitter, you will generate discussion and shares, leading to more visits and ultimately higher conversions.

By engaging in these winning strategies, you will soon see a difference in the number of visitors and conversions to your WooCommerce site.

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