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How to Write an Effective Ebook Press Release

Many writers are currently profiting from the steady popularity of Ebooks. However, marketing an Ebook effectively can be extremely challenging.  Unlike other items that people shop for on the Internet, such as clothing and toys, an Ebook does not appeal to the urges of the impulse buyer. Most people will not immediately feel that they “must” have a particular Ebook because an ad and a picture suddenly appear in their Facebook feed.

So a very different set of tactics must be employed to sell your Ebook. That’s where a good, strong, eBook press release comes in!

An eBook press release, if it’s done the right way, is a highly effective marketing tool.  For very little cost, Ebook press releases get the attention of journalists who will get the word out to your potential customers—the people who are going to buy your book! 

But to make this tool work for you, you must do it the right way.  Thousands of press releases are issued every day, and the fact is, that journalists don’t even read most of them.  They simply scan them to see if they catch their interest, and then forget about them.

So it will be necessary for you to really do your homework to make your Ebook press release engaging and effective.

When you sit down to write your Ebook press release, remember that your headline and first paragraph must do the work of grabbing the attention of your audience.  Keep your headline short, clear, and “tweetable.”  In your first paragraph, give the most important details about the release of your Ebook. Focus on the 4 Ws and H (who, what, when, where, why, how), to make sure that your first paragraph is relevant, concise, and interesting.

The remaining body of your Ebook press release is the place to develop and expand on the information given in the beginning. Try to avoid lengthy descriptions or an exaggerated tone.  Keep your sentences concise and compact.  Make sure that each sentence introduces new information instead of repeating something that has already been said.  Quotes can be a wonderful way to add a human element to your Ebook press release.

Also make sure to use keywords so that your Ebook press release will be easily found online. Use your book title in the headline. Also use Google’s keyword tool to ensure that your keywords will generate good search volume.

In your last paragraph, you will need a call to action which directs your audience to the right place to buy your book and to learn more about it.  Make sure that this information is accurate!

Even for writers, creating an Ebook press can be intimidating. There are many things to consider if you want to maximize the potential of this highly effective marketing tool.

The good news is that help is available. You can upload your press release on our Order Page and we will distribute your Ebook press release for you!

You spent a lot of time writing that Ebook. Don’t waste this great opportunity to effectively get your product into the hands of your readers.

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