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Education Press Release Distribution

You have decided that it’s a great time to give your school some positive PR.

Maybe you want to let the media know about an amazing guest speaker who is making a visit. Or perhaps you are implementing some kind of reform that deserves attention.

Whatever the reason, an education press release is the perfect medium to accomplish that.

But how do you get your education press release into the hands of the right people? How do you distribute it to the media outlets that you want to contact? And how do you make sure that journalists even read your press release, out of the thousands of others that are issued every day?

The easiest and most effective way to distribute your education press release is to use a press release distribution service. There are many, many of such providers out there, so here is a little guidance to help you choose the best one for you.

Ideally you want a service that automatically distributes to the top-tier media outlets. For this, you will need to pay a fee, but it is very cost-effective, as long as your education press release is well-written. Press release distribution services vary widely in terms of cost. Some have a hefty price tag for distribution, sometimes as much as $700 for getting your press release out to the major news networks. Press Release Jet is a great option, charging as little as $69 to send a press release to ABC, CBS, NBS, FOX, and CW, as well as Google News and Bing News.

The best press release distribution services will also allow you to optimize your education press release with things like anchor text, tags, keywords, and links. This kind of search engine optimization will make it easier for your audience to find and use your education press release. Most press release distribution services charge extra for this important piece. Again, Press Release Jet is the most affordable option, as it includes this service as part of its Premium Press Release Distribution package for only $129.

There are other things that you can do to make sure your education press release not only gets distributed, but also noticed. Keep your sentences short, punchy, and relevant. Consider why a particular event or program is newsworthy, and stick to that angle in your education press release. Make sure that each sentence adds new information that your audience will want to read. Remember that reporters are very busy and construct your education press release in such a way that it will grab and keep their attention.

Take advantage of this great, low-cost way of promoting your school’s achievements and new programs. An education press release is the best way to communicate news about your school to the world.

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