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Education Press Release Samples

Maybe you want to let the public know that your school has won an important award. Or maybe you may some public relation damage control after an incident that has given your school negative press. Whatever the reason, an education press release is a great tool to get your message across to the media in a cost-effective way.

To begin with, it’s important to craft a great headline. Remember that thousands of press releases are issued every day and it’s impossible for reporters to read all of them. The headline is your chance to make your education press release stand out. Keep it short, punchy, and relevant. Here is an example of an effective headline. Notice that it briefly conveys the main message, but also piques the audience’s interest with words like “unveils.”

Your first paragraph serves a crucial function of keeping the reader’s interest. Focus on the newsworthy elements of your story. For each sentence, ask yourself why the reader might care about this information. Give all the most important details (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How) in the beginning. In this education press release, which gives news about the school winning an award, the first paragraph gives relevant, newsworthy information about the school as well as about the award, so that readers understand what it is.

Use the remaining paragraphs of your education press release to expand on the details introduced in the first paragraph. Factual information, data, and quotes are all great ways to make your education press release memorable. This example shows how numbers (74% of graduates were employed within a year of graduation) and quotes from experts (“Graduation and employment rates are two areas where some online institutions have been under fire” says Drummond. “Our data shows that Sessions College does an excellent job of both graduating students and preparing them for employment.”) breathe life into an education press release.

Your concluding paragraph should provide a simple “call to action,” directing your audience on how to find more information. This education press release, for example, ends with a link to a live chat as well as a phone number that readers can call to learn more about the subject.

Once you have crafted a high-quality education press release, you will want to distribute it. Make a list of contacts. Think about local newspapers and radio stations. You can easily just go to the Press Release Jet website, open our Order Page, enter your body of text, and we will send it out to your contacts, as well as to all the premium media outlets (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and DW), for prices as low as $69.

Take the time to give your school some much-needed positive media attention with an education press release. If you do it the right way, it will be a great investment in school community and morale.

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