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Health Care Press Release

A healthcare press release is a valuable public relations tool. Whether you are announcing new services, adding a new staff member, or even managing a crisis, a healthcare press release is the most efficient way to make sure that your news gets out to journalists who may report it.

But how can you ensure that your healthcare press release stands out among the hundreds that are issued every day?

Press Release Jet offers a detailed Press Release Checklist which can be downloaded for free from our website. It may take you some time to go through the numerous helpful pointers that are included in this checklist, so here are a few highlights.

Is your press release relevant and interesting? The first step in crafting an effective healthcare press release is ensuring that you have something newsworthy to report. Think like a reporter and analyze your story for that newsworthy angle that will make someone decide it’s worthy to read or to report on. Once you have honed in on the most relevant and interesting aspects of your story, use them as your focus.

Does your first paragraph concisely summarize your main points? A good press release provides a concise summary of the most important facts in your story right at the beginning. This is how a reporter decides whether or not to read the rest of your health press release. Before starting, identify the 5w’s and h in your story (who, what, where, when, why and how), and deliver these basic facts in 2-3 short sentences in the first paragraph.

Do your quotes add anything new, or do they simply restate your point? Quotes are an excellent way to add a human element to your story, but use them wisely. Depending on your topic, statements made by healthcare experts, professionals, or even patients can make your press release come to life. Any quote you use should be strong and memorable.

Have you provided accurate contact information? Ensure that reporters know where to get more information if desired with an accurate phone number and email address. Also make sure that someone is available to respond to calls and messages right away. Some people use a disposable phone or temporary email address just for the days following a press release, dedicated to responding to the media.

Has your press release been thoroughly proofread by several people for grammar, punctuation and spelling? Always utilize any spell check or grammar check tools available in your word processing program, but don’t trust them to catch everything. Ask for proofreaders to help you because it’s easy to miss mistakes in a document that you created. Journalists make their living by accurate written communication, so even minor errors will stand out to them. It’s worth the time to check and double-check, because spelling and grammar mistakes can easily mark you as an amateur and cause you to lose credibility with your audience.

Many other helpful tips can be found in the Press Release Checklist so that you can feel confident that your healthcare press release will help you achieve your goals. Then just click here to submit your press release and we will distribute it to the media for you.

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