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Local Lawyer Marketing

The 21st century has brought many changes to every kind of business, including law firms. This is especially true when it comes to strategies for local legal marketing.

It used to be that a listing in the Yellow Pages and a good business card were the only things needed for effective marketing. But times have changed.

Now, with the vast information overload which is the Internet, local marketing becomes much harder.

But there are a few simple tactics that will really help you with legal marketing in your area.

  1. Create a listing in the local legal directory. [1] An online legal directory is the modern-day Yellow Pages. If potential clients can find you in a reputable online directory, such as FindLaw [2], this makes you appear more credible and enhances your professional reputation.
  2. Have a good website. This is the equivalent of a business card, and every marketer needs to have one. If you don’t have a website, potential clients may not be able to find you. Spend some time monitoring traffic to your website, too.
  3. Use high-volume keywords. Find high-volume keywords using the Google Adwords tools, and then use these when you post on your website. Incorporate keywords that are specific to your locality to increase traffic from your geographical area; for example, “Boston Attorney” works better for your purposes than just “Attorney.” You can also use these keywords in the headline of a legal press release and then link them back to your website to increase traffic.
  4. Issue a press release about local events. If your firm is hosting a fundraising dinner or a networking event, let everyone know about it by issuing a legal press release. If you submit an order at Press Release Jet, we will release it to all the top-tier media outlets (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, Google News and Bing News) for just $69, making this a cost-effective way to publicize your event and your law firm.
  5. Dominate a specific niche. Find a specific niche that you are really good at, and stick with that. Write articles and send press releases around that specific niche (eg. “Incorporating for Internet Startups” or “Motorcycle Accident Attorney”) and dominate your niche in search engines!

Legal marketing can seem time-consuming, but investing in these simple, cost-effective strategies can make a big difference.


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