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Medical Newswire

A quick search reveals a plethora of options for reporters seeking a story about the latest medical news. There are any number of newswires which feature a “Medical” category, offering a collection of their latest medical press releases. Some of these newswires are specifically targeted to the medical field. Any one of them offers hundreds of breaking medical news stories every day.

Do reporters actually read all of these medical press releases? It’s hard to imagine how they would find the time!

In fact, news reporters only skim headlines and opening paragraphs in order to find the stories that appear the most newsworthy.

There are some press release distribution sites which are free, but their press releases live only on their websites. Most reporters can easily find medical news without spending any time visiting these free sites.

If you have a medical press release that you want to share with the world, you need a press release distribution service that will push it out to those places in which reporters are likely to be looking. This can be very pricey, though! There are press release distribution companies which guarantee that your medical press release will show up in all the major news outlets, but you could pay as much as $600 for their services.

Here at Press Release Jet, we offer two very affordably priced packages, each of which can get you results. For a price as low as $69, we guarantee placement in industry-related journals, as well as Google, Bing and Yahoo News. For our premium package priced at just $129, we can also guarantee distribution to the top-tier media outlets: ABC, CBS, NBC, CW and Fox. Our standard package guarantees placement in over 250 media sites, and our premium package over 375.

For only a fraction of what you will pay other press release distribution companies, we can effectively get your press release out on the medical newswire and make it highly visible to reporters and journalists.

All you need to do is craft a newsworthy, engaging medical press release, properly formatted and with a catchy headline, and then simply submit it to us via our online order form. We offer many resources (guidelines, templates, examples, etc.) on our website to help if you need some guidance.

We look forward to helping you get your medical press release out to the world.

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