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Medical Press Release

If you work in the health or medical industry, then you probably have some information to convey about this rapidly-changing field. There are always new recommendations and study results. Consumers are eager to know about these in order to make informed decisions about their health.

But what is the quickest, most efficient way to share news about an important conference, a new finding, or the recommendations of a task force?

Have you thought of issuing a press release?

Maybe you feel intimidated when you consider the volume of press releases that come across the desks of journalists on a day-to-day basis. However, it is possible to construct a press release that stands out from the others.

Start by generating a great headline for your news. The headline is critical, because it signals to reporters whether or not your story is newsworthy enough for them to keep reading.

A good headline is brief, catchy, and gets right to the point.

Here are a couple of examples of proven medical headlines:

InsulinK – World’s First Insulin Dosage Tracker

Unique natural product for joint pain – a Game Changer for Millions Living With Arthritis

Only slightly less important than your headline is your opening paragraph. Once again, reporters will decide from your first paragraph whether or not this story is worth their time. So make sure that you reveal the newsworthy angle of your story at the very beginning. The most effective format for a press release is the “inverted pyramid”: the most important facts front-loaded at the beginning, with supporting details later.

In your opening, strive to focus on the 5Ws and H of your story (who, what, where, when,why and how). This paragraph should be a concise and clear summary of the main points of your story.

In the remaining paragraphs, build on this summary with factual information, data, and quotes. Make sure that any information you provide is credible and accurate in order to build the trust of your audience. Make it brief – preferably one page, and certainly not more than two. Avoid any exaggerated claims and keep your tone objective and journalistic. Get someone to proofread your press release for correct grammar and punctuation. Even minor mistakes may brand you as an amateur among professionals who earn a living by writing, and your spell check tool will not catch everything.

Once you’ve written your medical press release, you may be wondering how you can send it out efficiently to the media. That’s where Press Release Jet can help! Simply enter your text and contact information on our online order form and we will issue it to all the top-tier media networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, Google News and Bing News.

So go ahead and let the world know about the latest medical news. We can’t wait to read it.

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