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Mobile App Press Release

We know that there is a lot of work behind the scenes in developing a new mobile app. Building, testing, working out all the bugs…these things take a significant initial investment of resources.

Now, in order to ensure that this investment is not wasted, you need to get news about your app out to the people that might use it.

That means getting announcing this information to news sites and tech bloggers. It also means getting people to talk about your new app on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

As you can probably imagine, publicizing your new mobile app can be a full-time job all by itself. But there is an efficient way to get your information out to all these channels in one fell swoop. All you need to do is write and distribute a mobile app press release.

Press Release Jet can distribute a mobile app press release for as low as $69. At this price, we can guarantee that the news will get out to over 250 media sites, including bloggers, industry journals, and social media. That’s a great price compared to the amount of money that you could spend advertising on all these separate sites.SEND YOUR MOBILE APP PRESS RELEASE NOW

And a mobile app press has the added benefit of making your mobile app visible to journalists and reporters. An objective news story has much more credibility than traditional advertising and will get more of the attention you need in order for your app to find its way to users who will love it.

To get the biggest bang for your buck out of your mobile app press release, make sure that it is correctly formatted and effectively written. You need your press release to stand out from the hundreds of others that reporters see every day. You know that your app is newsworthy; so make sure you get that message across.

Keep your mobile app press release short (ideally no more than a page), and focus on the most newsworthy features, the ones that make this app unique. Provide a website that your audience can visit if they want to find out more about the unique features of your app, as well as a direct link to the app store where they can purchase it.

Reporters will also appreciate the inclusion of high volume keywords. You can visit our resources page to find helpful articles about how to use the Google keyword planner tool to optimize your mobile app press release for search engines.

These strategies make the job of reporters easier. If they need to do less work in order to cover your story, they will be more likely to pick it up and run with it.

You will also facilitate things for the media simply by observing the basic rules of press release format. Start with a strong and engaging headline that clearly reflects your message. In your first paragraph, give all the key information (the 5Ws and H!). Write your entire press release in the third person and keep your tone objective. Keep your target audience in mind, and make sure your mobile app press release is written like a news story, not an ad. Don’t forget to carefully proofread your mobile app press release several times for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Don’t trust your spell check to catch everything.

These strategies will help you let the media know about your new mobile app in a way that’s simple and cost-effective.

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