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Mr. Idea's, From Mercedes Benz to Hillary Clinton... Top brands turn to this self taught coder for ideas

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Idea’s are free, everyone has them. Some people have good idea’s, some have bad idea’s. Anari Sengbe has a LOT of good idea’s. So much so major brands turn to him for idea’s on what’s next. Mercedes Benz is currently building a way to pay for gas, parking and more directly from your car using bitcoin. Where did they get that idea? From BenzPay, a prototype Mr. Sengbe and his team built for Mercedes Benz. Here’s benz pay in action

“If she’d used my app, she would have won” says Anari, when discussing "GoVote", an app he prototyped for the Hillary Clinton campaign. GoVote allowed volunteers to wait in line for voters and it also allowed donors to cover the ride share cost of voters unable to make it to the polls for health or other reasons.

“If ONLY 3 people volunteered to wait in line in Pennsylvania… then we know something is up in Pennsylvania” Anari continues

DirectTV is another major brand implementing Mr. Sengbe’s prototype of allowing pay per view gifts. This feature would allow DirectTV subscribers to gift a friend or family member with the next MayWeather fight or other pay per view specials.

When he’s not generating idea’s for major brands, Anari works on his own idea of a daily deals game called Grabbit (

“Grabbit is a more fun Groupon, shoppers compete for coupons and gift cards from local businesses. Businesses easily create a Grabbit game that can be geo-fenced to the businesses location. This creates stampede foot traffic opportunities for the right promotion. If folks would rush to a park for a rare pokemon, I’m think shoppers will rush to their favorite local business to win or redeem a 50% off coupon.”  

Grabbit players can also compete against global players for bitcoin and other awesome prizes.

For brands who want his in demand idea prototyping service, Anari ask’s one thing.

“Have a team that’s open to practical idea’s from all sources. 2 years ago I could have told you Macy’s had problems when they showed up at a hackathon with a team of mostly male brand representatives. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Macy’s that didn’t have 2+ floors for women and a corner for men.

It’s also important for brands to keep advanced conversations active in their environment. ALL product relevant team members should know what blockchain is, otherwise brands are operating under idea deficits that will be very expensive to balance in the near future.“


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