A New Technology for Renewing Manholes Is Now Installed at TRA

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Resinating Fiberglass Expansion Liners – The Better Choice

Fort Worth, TX (January 13, 2020) – RESINATING LLC, the inventors and manufacturers of a new breakthrough technology for repairing sewer pipes and manholes, today announced that in mid-December, they renewed their first manhole for the TRA, the Trinity River Authority, using their Patent Pending process. 

With the installation of a RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liner in this manhole, which had previously had two layers of SIPP installed, the first of which was installed approximately 7 years ago, TRA will no longer deal with the issues they’ve been handling. 

Not only will there be no more infiltration of storm water into this manhole, the continuing deterioration of the original RCP in spite of the SIPP liners being in place has been fixed.  The photos below of the work being done at the manhole in Midlothian, Texas tell the story.







As the top two pictures show, as the SIPP was stripped off, it was found that the RCP had continued to incur significant damage due to the leakage of H2S through and under the layers of SIPP. A photo of the finished manhole with the damage repaired and a RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liner in place is immediately above, ready “to do its thing” for decades to come.

With RESINATING’s 20-year repair and replace warranty and an expected useful life of between 50 and 100 year, perhaps more, this manhole will not be presenting TRA with any problems for a long time. 

The TRA said that “it couldn’t be more delighted with what it’s seen from RESINATING.  RESINATING’s partner, AFE, has been a long-term supplier to TRA.  AFE’s fiberglass structures for new manholes and metering stations for TRA’s waste water treatment facilities have proven themselves over the years.”  

The TRA also said “it now foresees the extensive use of RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners, not only for the repair of its manholes but also for lining connecting sewer pipes.”  The TRA “expects RESINATING Fiberglass Expansion Liners will prove themselves to be far superior to SIPP and CIPP solutions, and, of course, far less expensive and less disruptive than doing Trench and Replace.” 

Jim White, CEO of RESINATING LLC, and Ed Rau, RESINATING’s General Manager, expressed their pride in the work that the RESINATING team had done, saying they “look forward to an expanded relationship with TRA in the weeks and the months to come based on the work of the team and the overall value delivered by a RESINATING’s Solution.”  

About the Trinity River Authority

With headquarters in Arlington, Texas, the Trinity River Authority of Texas is a conservation and reclamation district that provides water from reservoir facilities, water and wastewater treatment, along with recreation and reservoir facilities, within the nearly 18,000-square-mile Trinity River basin.  TRA provides its services to more than 60 cities in the Trinity River basin, improving the quality of life for millions of residents. 


Owner of the Pending Patent for a new process which is far superior to other methods of repairing sewer pipes and manholes, and far more economical, RESINATING LLC is an offshoot of and is partnering with Associated Fiberglass Enterprises (AFE), a company with a long history in the fiberglass business, to solve the problems municipalities face with their decaying waste water and storm water infrastructures. 

For more information please contact:

Ed Rau, General Manager


2417 Weaver Street

Fort Worth, Texas 76117   


Phone: 214-856-8451

Email: Info@ResinatingLLC.com

Fax: 817-838-6789

Website: www.ResinatingLLC.com

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