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Alfa Kickstarter To Challenge Libra With A Decentralized Social Network That Gives Data And Privacy Back To Users

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  SEATTLE, WA - 08/05/2019

Alfa, an ambitious decentralized social network that takes power away from Silicon Valley and puts it back into the hands of its users, today announced that it is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign on August 8, 2019.


Alfa, which runs on the proprietary Enzo Open Network (EON) blockchain, will not use algorithms. Instead, it will use a patent-pending, time-based solution to create what the company calls a ‘social market’ where everyone is a merchant, and its platform currency Enzo will facilitate value transfers.


Unlike other cryptocurrency projects, Alfa is eschewing the traditional ICO model for the more familiar Kickstarter fundraising model, making it accessible to everyone who is interested in the project, rather than an investment exclusively available to those already engaged with the cryptocurrency scene.

“Our aim is to bring cryptocurrency into the real world – and leverage blockchain technology to solve real world problems without forcing people to ‘understand’ the blockchain,” said Tony Tran, founder of Alfa Enzo, Inc.


“We’re incredibly excited because Alfa empowers everyone with the agency of competitive advantage at scale and within a decentralized context. We see the coming of a new golden age for data and the web.”


More than just sharing stories, Alfa lets people sell their likes, opinions, or products which helps them to make money, rather than trap them in exploitative emotion-driven loops. In turn, this social marketplace maximizes opportunity for all – whether it is a part-time business or a global corporation.

Alfa uses an innovative new social posting model, which allows people to create posts in the past, present, and future – which means that social media users can swipe to see what events might be happening a week from today, as well as the past. The new time-based discovery model is an industry first.


Currently, there are around 3.5 billion active social media users, who typically spend 2.5 hours daily on various platforms. Facebook, which has 2.41 active users monthly, is the first of the social media giants to move in on cryptocurrency. However, Facebook’s Libra project has received a generally hostile welcome on all fronts, from cryptocurrency enthusiasts to President Trump speaking out against Libra.


On Facebook and Instagram, fake account are proliferating and promising users discounted Libra should they visit third-party websites; a situation that Facebook only reacted to when informed by journalists at the Washington Post who alerted the social media giant.


Facebook has struggled with user privacy since 2006 when it first raised a consumer furor over the botched launch of the News Feed. Since then, trust in Facebook has gone from bad to worse, hitting an all-time low following the 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal (among at least 20 others).


While many are concerned that Libra is little more than a lucrative power grab, the broader implications are even darker. Facebook – and its corporate partners – would have a deeper knowledge of individual spending habits from past and present financial data as well as shared social feed data.


With China already leveraging a ‘social credit’ system that punishes poor social behavior, imagining Libra punishing poor financial management is more than a sci-fi dystopian fantasy – and a threat to civil liberties. In response during hearings, the U.S. Congress made a clear distinction between Libra and the broader cryptocurrency scene. At the same time, a draft bill began circulating, proposing to prevent companies with more than $25 billion in assets from providing financial services – a clear swipe at Libra.


Despite the vociferous reaction against Libra, legislators and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are still supportive of cryptocurrency projects such as Alfa, which allow people to control the keys to their data and online privacy. In turn, this empowers users, rather than vast corporations, with blockchain technology to create a new and inclusive global economy.


“Alfa won’t have the same unintended consequences as its predecessors because it’s not a new design, it’s a paradigm shift,” added Tran. “People expect to consume reality at the speed of life, and the old social networks can’t deliver this – so they have to hack it with algorithms. We’re changing the game so that we don’t need to play dirty.”


Alfa’s Kickstarter is scheduled to start on August 8, 2019, with all backers receiving Enzo coins in Alfa’s built-in wallet. To find out more about Alfa, visit For all general and media inquiries about Alfa, Inc., please contact Tony Tran by telephone at +1 917 716 1112 or email


About Alfa Enzo Inc.

Alfa is a decentralized social network running on the Enzo blockchain that aims to become a hub for digital activities. With a focus on data privacy and creating a holistic system where people can connect, the company’s mission is to transform the global economy and create a system where the blockchain works for people – and not for multi-billion-dollar multinational companies. For more information about Alfa Enzo, Inc., please visit the company’s website.

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