Announcing a new product, the Flow Sentinel by Hydro Dynamic Technologies LLC.

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  United States, California, San Jose - 01/06/2020 (PRESS RELEASE JET)

Announcing a new product, the Flow Sentinel by Hydro Dynamic Technologies LLC. We hold the patent for remote monitoring and control of the home water line. Patent # US8939016B2 has been held since 2015.

San Jose, California January 6, 2020 - Introducing a new water and property saving product called the Flow Sentinel. The Flow Sentinel monitors and controls your entire water system – home or office. If there should be any type of leak or pipe freezing the Flow Sentinel will alert you and automatically protect the water system in your home. The app that comes with the Flow Sentinel also allows you to know exactly how much water is being used on individual appliances on a real-time basis. The product works by sending out 240 signals, ultra-sonic signals per second that traverse every aspect of your system. The signals are analyzed by artificial intelligence algorithms to let you know everything that is necessary and gives you the ultimate control.

The company will exhibit this product at the CES Show in Las Vegas on January 7-10, 2020. We are located in Booth #53178 in Eureka Park which is located in Tech West, the Sands/Venetian area, to exhibit the new and revolutionary product for 2020.

The device installs quickly where the water comes into your home and rapidly learns about the various components of your system. Leak detection is accomplished by changes in sound and micro pressure when a larger event occurs such as a large leak. The system knows immediately and alerts you through your cell phone or home computer. The product was originally convened when one of the founders of our company had a catastrophic leak in his home when he was away. The damage was extremely expensive. No one should ever have to worry again about water leaks in their home of office. 


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