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Best 5 education crowdfunding options.

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Shortage of funds is badly impacting education at all levels. This is a time when the constraint on resources has made educators and administrators to think out of the box to make ends meet. People are coming up with creative ways in their pursuit for the much needed funds. 

Crowdfunding is increasingly getting popular when it comes to school fundraising ideas. This method allows one to raise funds from a large number of people through the internet. Even if each one donates a small amount, the sheer number of people who associate with your cause propels it towards success. 

Here, we have compiled a few education crowdfunding options for you to raise some much needed funds. 

Connected Classrooms by GiveCentral

This is created specifically for nonprofit educational organizations. The Connected Classroom Initiative allows schools to take advantage of a crowdfunding tool, while also helping schools create a road map for a targeted, measurable, fundraising campaign for technology in the classroom. This Initiative could help different School Fundraising Ideas to take shape.


In this, the donors could choose any funds constrained classroom of any school.If the donors are clueless about the classroom that they should be donating, the organization partners the donor with a classroom. 


This is an education specific crowdfunding platform. This site has already hosted a lot of campaign ranging from a prospective private school in Texas to a St. Louis nonprofit. 


This platform is named after a symbiotic, microscopic fungus that supports entire ecosystems of roots, shrubs and trees. It helps researchers secure microgrants to support all their projects. A lot of campaigns have already been listed on it and have been successful in raising funds. 


This allows one to raise funds for anything related to education. Even students could raise funds on it to pay their tuition fees or repay their student loans. Apart from it, there have been campaigns relating to e-learning platforms and education for elementary age children.

These were a few options out of the many when it comes to education crowdfunding. School fundraising ideas have moved beyond the usual and mundane. Innovative methods with the help of technology are changing the fundraising game for one and all. 

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