David Zaffino and Rose LifeScience Step Up, Donate PPE to Healthcare Community

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David Zaffino and Rose LifeScience recently donated gloves and masks to local healthcare organizations fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

David Zaffino and the team at Rose LifeScience recently donated a significant amount of PPE to the Huntingdon healthcare community, an effort to help stem the shortage of medical equipment affecting care providers throughout the area, according to a recent article in The Gleaner.

David Zaffino, along with Rose LifeScience CEO Brian Stevenson and Chief Marketing Officer Francois Limoges, made the donation of N-95 masks and protective gloves to the Barrie Memorial Hospital and the Huntingdon CLSC, two organizations now on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The donation was made shortly after the announcement that “there was potentially only a three-day supply of personal protective medical equipment in the province,” an event sparking immediate action by Zaffino and Rose LifeScience leadership.

“We decided to step in and gather all of the equipment we could,” said Limoges, adding that he, Stevenson and Zaffino “felt it was our duty to help.” 

Based out a brand-new, 55,000 sq. ft. Huntingdon facility, Rose LifeScience specializes in cannabis production, a process demanding a high degree of care and cleanliness. It is this serious focus on workplace sanitization, in fact, that led to the company’s abundance of masks and gloves, providing the means which by David Zaffino and his partners could provide much-needed supplies during such an unprecedented crisis. 

“We are all in this together, and we can all make a difference,” said Limoges to The Gleaner. “We are encouraging all the local businesses to donate what they can because it is going to help.”

In addition to their recent contribution, Zaffino and the Rose leadership team are pledging any orders of protective equipment yet to arrive to local healthcare providers. “It is much safer for us to reuse our equipment, said Limoges, adding the need for PPE is so much greater for those treating people who may be sick. 

The article concludes with a statement of appreciation by CISSSMO (Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de la Montérégie-Ouest), which thanks all people and businesses for recent donations. CISSMO, states the article:

“is asking that people refrain from going directly to local health service centres with material, as anything donated will need to be inspected before it can be used. Those wishing to make a donation should instead contact the CISSSMO at angegardiendureseau.cisssmo16@ssss.gouv.qc.ca.”

David Zaffino and the Rose LifeScience team are committed to supporting the Huntingdon community and the healthcare professionals so bravely confronting the COVID-19 crisis. 

About: David Zaffino serves as CFO and President at Rose LifeScience

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