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  United States, Colorado, Buena Vista - 07/01/2019 (PRESS RELEASE JET)

America’s liberal-conservative political divide is at its most dire, worsening almost via social media and 24-7 opinion news, but resolving the most polarizing social issues is possible simply by following the Constitution’s original meaning: To treat all citizens equally regardless of their demographic makeup. 

Author Patrick Bohan’s previous two books address financial investing and political polarization. Following extensive study of Constitutional Law, Bohan brings his expertise to his latest book to examine how applying the original meaning of the Constitution can close this growing political divide.  Bohan aims not to lecture, but to educate. After realizing that he was part of the problem, polarizing society with his biased political opinions, he sought to learn the Constitution with an open-mind, which changed many of his political views. The action to learn the Constitution was to determine fact from fiction during the 2016 presidential election debate over illegal immigration, gun, abortion, healthcare, and education rights.

Bohan argues, “The Constitution provides for domestic tranquility. Domestic tranquility means keeping the peace among the states, which requires keeping the peace among the people. I would strongly argue that categorizing American citizens into groups, classes, or castes of people so they can be put in a war against each other in the name of class or identity politics is not keeping the domestic tranquility among Americans. The divisive mantras created by identity and class politics—such as the war on women and race-baiting—hardly maintain the peace. Class and identity politics are closer to domestic terrorism because they foster the violation of individual rights. Moreover, people who have had their rights violated foster resentment, hate, bigotry, and animosity toward groups who are benefitting at their expense. Yes, identity politics is working to create bigotry, not to eliminate it.”

Book Synopsis: During the progressive revolution to achieve democracy at the expense of a Constitutional republic, conservatives and liberals aimed to divide and conquer various demographics of the populace by pitting citizens against one another. However, what would happen if Americans discovered that the Founders’ true intent behind our nation’s key doctrines, documents, and legal battles?  The answer is simple: we could achieve truly equal rights for all. Liberals frequently violate the rights of others using social justice, political correctness, and discrimination claims, whereas conservatives prefer moral justice to control the individual and private behaviors of others. However, all individuals are born with certain fundamental rights that may not be taken away without some compelling reason to protect the welfare and safety of other citizens. Many of these rights are enumerated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but even more are not. This book explains why gun rights and education are rights, but healthcare and abortion are not.  Discussing divisive issues in terms of rights rather than gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, social economic status, and so forth, becomes less polarizing. The Constitutionality of issues does not depend on political ideology, and the law is generic.  There is simply no place in the law for discrimination, bias, opinions, and balancing tests. 

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It is available in eBook, hardcover, and paperback. It will be available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other sites in the next few weeks.

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