DINOMALS™ KICKSTARTER: the action packed, mix and match, create a creature card game made by kids for kids!

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Brand new family-friendly characters that are half Dinosaur, and half modern day Animal look to take Kickstarter by storm.


On Wednesday, September 13, The DINOMALS™ CARD GAME Kickstarter campaign will begin!

What would a character-driven franchise look like if it were co-invented by kids? Bryan Gaffin and his kids, Zavier, 11, and Lilia, 8, are into all of the major character franchises– Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Monster High, and super heroes. That love of characters inspired the family to create their own new characters, stories and games to share with their friends. And so, DINOMALS were born.

These unique and original characters will be focused on positive aspects of being a kid and growing up. Good sportsmanship, manners, friendship, and self-respect will be the cornerstones of this new franchise. But also kid-friendly excitement, fun and action!

To launch the DINOMALS universe, a Kickstarter Card Game campaign will launch on September 13 that kids and their parents will be crazy about. It’s kid co-created, tested, and approved. The perfect way to kick off the school year!

“As an advertising Creative Director with over 20 years experience, I just treated my kids as if they were the clients. I pitched them ideas, and showed them drawings and concepts, and together we built the characters and games. They loved the process.” says Bryan Gaffin, father and co-creator.

“I want to be a zoologist when I grow up.” says Zavier Gaffin, 11, “so it’s important to me to do the research on each of the characters and make sure they’re scientifically accurate.”

Gaming is huge on Kickstarter, with 33,000+ campaigns raising over $694 million dollars since the start of Kickstarter ( https://www.kickstarter.com/help/stats ). The Gaffins hope to be able to get their modest goal of $6,500 met– that’s their break even number on producing and shipping the game. But it’s really about proving that DINOMALS could be a viable franchise going forward.

“I love our DINOMALS,” says Lilia Gaffin, 8, “and I hope people back us because I really want to make them come to life!”

“When I was 11, I created a cartoon character with a friend of mine and went through the copyright process. It was really exciting and showed me what the possibilities were. I’m glad to be able to help my kids do the same thing at the same age that I was when I did it.” Bryan says.

Learn more about the game and rewards for backing the campaign at Dinomals.com.

After September 13, the campaign can be found at Kickstarter.com as well.

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Card game proposal video, starring Lilia and Zavier:

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