Disruptive modular handbag concept with detachable interior launches on Kickstarter

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Bagmaleon, a disruptive modular handbag concept with detachable interior, has launched its first Kickstarter campaign. Bagmaleon revolutionizes the handbag market by helping women to switch their handbags in seconds without leaving any stuff behind. Through this action, Bagmaleon aims to be funded to cover the costs related to launch new models and new colors and get Bagmaleon to reach all those women who dreamed of a handbag like this.

Each Bagmaleon is made of two parts; the exterior bag — which comes in various models and colors — and the detachable inner bag that can be removed and transferred between outer bags. The inner part is known as the ‘Soul’ and attaches to the external bag with a zipper, as if it were a single piece.

Users can buy multiple exterior bags, to suit different outfits or occasions, but no longer have to worry about transferring all their items between the two; instead they simply move the ‘Soul’ from one bag to another. Bagmaleon has no external pockets, so everything is placed in its Soul therefore there is no possibility to forget or loose things in the transfer. 

The idea of ??Bagmaleon was conceived by Georgina Leibovich, an Argentinean established in Madrid, mother of three children and an active professional, who identified the need to find a solution to a typical problem for all women: their change of handbag.

“Bagmaleon was born from a dream that I had: to allow women to match their handbags with their clothes, their activities or mood, without wasting time or loosing things in the process”, says Georgina, Bagmaleon Founder.

Bagmaleon is a high quality leather handbag line handmade in Spain by fine craftsmen whose dedication and attention to detail ensure the highest standards are maintained in this quality product.

The Soul is made of high quality Italian nylon, with leather trimmings and reinforced seams. It has metal zippers and classic gold fittings. Seven interior pockets of various sizes help users keep everything organized. It can be removed and hand-washed.

To learn more about Bagmaleon please visit: www.kickstarter.com/projects/bagmaleon/modular-handbags-with-detachable-interior

Bagmaleon is a modular handbag line with detachable interior designed and handmade in Spain. The concept is patent protected.

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