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DO YOU DRESS LIKE A DEMOCRAT OR A REPUBLICAN? From Pleather to Puffy Coats, Uncovers the Hottest Fashions Trending Across the Country for Red and Blue Voters

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With less than two weeks to Election Day, the candidate’s personal style and wardrobe has been an ongoing talking point for politicos and news anchors. From patriotically-themed pantsuits and ties to poor tailoring to disheveled hair, it is clear fashion plays a powerful role in politics. For a less serious spin on politics and fashion, – the largest online consignment store—dove deep into millions of previous purchases to uncover how style preferences of Democrats and Republicans sized up. Based on a breakdown of how red and blue counties voted in the 2012 election, has revealed the most popular picks among liberals and conservatives.

That’s A Lot of Look

When it comes to clothes, both Republicans and Democrats are buttoning and bundling up in interesting ways. Republicans prefer dresses to skirts and, when it is warm, buy more Capri pants and Bermuda and cargo shorts. Meanwhile, Democrats are pairing jeggings with a blazer and their favorite sports jersey topped off by a puffy coat.

Democrats are…

  • 69% more likely to wear jeggings
  • 39% more likely to wear jerseys
  • 31% more likely to wear sweaters
  • 30% more likely to wear blazers
  • 22% more likely to wear puffy coats
  • 21% more likely to wear button-up shirts
  • 14% more likely to wear skirts  

Republicans are…

  • 160% more likely to wear dresses
  • 142% more likely to wear coats
  • 80% more likely to wear Bermuda shorts
  • 44% more likely to wear Capri pants
  • 44% more likely to wear jeans
  • 36% more likely to wear cargo shorts
  • 23% more likely to wear hoodies
  • 23% more likely to wear footed PJs

When choosing their favorite colors and fabrics, Republicans and Democrats could not be more divided. While conservative in politics, Republicans are dialing up the volume on their look and shopping for pink, red and leopard prints as well as bedazzled and faux-fur fabrics. In contrast, Democrats go for white, black and brown hues and cannot get enough pleather. In fact, blue counties are 421% more likely to don pleather than their red counterparts.

To complete these looks, Democrats are more likely to go with flats compared to Republicans who prefer something with more of a kick such as high heels and cowboy boots.

“While Democrats and Republicans may differ greatly on core issues, their sense of style is similar in that it’s functional, flattering and fashionable,” said Jesse Gonzalez, Director of Merchandising at “Whereas liberals tend to search for trend-driven fashions with a detailed appreciation of luxurious fabrics and silhouettes, conservatives are looking for comfort, duality and a sense of natural inspiration.”

Fashion, like politics, is personal. No matter where one stands politically, savvy shoppers can reach across the aisle in support of affordable looks they can feel good about purchasing. Help save clothing from ending up in a landfill by choosing to shop pre-owned items over brand new. Find more than 1.5 million unique items at to complete, or enhance, any look regardless of your political affiliation.


  • purchases from August, 2012 to October, 2016.
  • Blue and Red county-level data based on the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election results.

About is the largest online consignment shop with more than 1.5 million unique items. The company strives to redefine consignment services by making the process of buying and selling pre-owned goods more convenient, safe, and profitable. Preventing waste by saving pre-owned clothes and accessories from ending up in landfills, shoppers can feel good about the purchases they make on Offering clothes, accessories, toys and games for babies, children, women and men, is a one-shop stop the whole family can enjoy. is based in Chicago and Bolingbrook, Illinois. The service was launched in 2012.

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