Dr. K A Paul, the world’s most popular evangelist is calling on President Trump to stop using the Supreme Court for his political agenda.

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I told President Trump on October 2nd 2019 that he would be impeached if he did not resign and he was impeached. I said it on my Facebook live on may 10th 2020 that he would get coronavirus and he got it. I called repeatedly that he would be defeated as I Mentioned in my new book. Save America and the world from Trump and 10 reasons why Trump should be defeated and he is defeated. Now it is his time for him to repent and concede and Turn over the presidency to Joe Biden as every other 44 presidents did in US HISTORY. It is time for him to unite the nation and show his leadership to the whole world. Dr. Paul is  also urging the Supreme court all 9 justices to be united to Save America and the World from Trump. 

In God we Trust and HE is our example and the nation is a million times more important than any president or a political party. Let us not repeat the Bush Vs Gore 2000 election, where the 5 Republican justices ruled in favor then George w Bush and 4 democrat appointees in favor of Al Gore, those 36 long days damaged the image of the USA. Dr Paul says I have already called the new justices Amy money Barrett to recuse herself as the legendary leader former Trump attorney General Jeff sessions rightfully did during Mueller Russia investigation. God is mad with President Trump and all my spiritual leader friends including Franklyn Graham, Ronnie Floyd, pastor Robert Jeffers, James Robbinson and Jerry Falwell must advise and confront President Trump like the prophet Nathan did with King David when he murdered Uriah the soldier husband Bathsheba just for the lust of the flesh. Let us not allow Trump to murder US democracy. I am shocked to see that there is not a single daring dashing prophet like Nathan out of 23 Trump spiritual so called advisers. Yes I know it is dangerous for me to confront these so called pastors and prophets and they were all my friends who endorsed my global ministry and many attended my gospel rallies. Probably they will never do anything with me ever again or invite to me to preach again. 

But as the New York times mentioned me a village boy as one of the next Billy Graham in a cover story I am honored but I believe that Rev .Billy Graham would do the same thing if he was alive as I am doing and his granddaughter recently endorsed Joe Biden as I did openly months ago. It is God’s perfect will for the decent catholic Joe Biden to restore decency to the white house and lead the world again. No doubt I am a pro-life spiritual follower of Jesus but God works in mysterious ways as I wrote in my letter to President Trump a year ago and if he would not repent and change that he would even face prison time. God is trying to get Trump’s attention for over a year as I told my good friend Trump international Ambassador for religious freedom Former Kansas Governor Sam Brownback on October 22nd just 2 weeks ago when he visited me in a DC hotel. We prayed and talked a lot about Trump and he would be defeated and Biden will be elected as next US president. 

Sam is a humble and sincere man who knows me for 25 years and understood the reasons. I am asking again many of my Republican friends in the senate and congress to come out and stand for democracy and not allow Trump to convert this great nation to a dictatorship regime as Trump loves to do. Billions of people in the world and so many dictators are watching what Americans are going to do during the next few days.  So I am humbly calling upon all people of all faiths to pray and do your part not allow any of the stealing, looting and killings. Let us prayerfully maintain peace and harmony. Let the world dictators not take advantage of this US election to destroy their nations. Enough is enough. Blessed are the peacemakers, not just peace lovers or peace wanters. Let us ACT. God bless the USA and the world. For more information email kapaul747@yahoo.com. Text 3106345084.






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