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Dr. Noman Quintero Statement of Political Campaign Integrity

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Today, The Legal Team of Dr. Norman Quintero, Candidate for California Congressional District 42 served opponent Julia Peacock a Cease and Desist of all unlawful attacks upon his character and reputation.

On December 28, 2017, Dr. Norman Quintero was a victim of unwarranted and unfounded attacks from Democratic opponent Julia Peacock.

Asked for a statement, Dr. Quintero said “The time has come for each individual seeking public office to demonstrate their qualifications and their mental fitness to hold that office rather than attempting to win their election solely and only by systematically maligning their political opponents.” 

Dr. Quintero is an educated, respected mental health professional, and a very successful media and real estate entrepreneur. He has served his community for many years in this fashion, and also supports it as the senior Pastor of one of the five churches he has established, and by way of his $30,000 per month contribution to the soup kitchen, food-for-the-homeless program, and employment service he created years ago.

Under California law it is unlawful to engage in defamation of another’s character and reputation.Such defamation consists of an invasion of the interest in reputation.It may be libel (written) or slander (spoken).The tort requires (a) a publication that is (b) false, (c) defamatory, and (d) unprivileged and that (e) has a natural tendency to injure or that causes special damages. 

Additional information on the actions by Ms. Peacock that precipitated this legal action by Dr. Quintero may be found at this link:



Dr. Norman Quintero was born on the Island of Puerto Rico and holds 2 doctorate degrees. He is a licensed real estate broker in Florida and California. He is a Mental Health Clinician in the State of California working in a clinic in the City of Menifee. He owns radio and television Hispanic networks and hosts a weekly nationwide television show. He is also the Senior Pastor of Iglesia Getsemani located in Orange County, California. He has a long history of community activism both in Florida and California.


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Steve Finger (760) 333-1873

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