Explosive New Book on Hillary Clinton’s Scandals and How They Could Affect Her Presidency!

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Madam President: History In The Making?” (ISBN 97815357681, Authors UpFront, 2016) by Ramesh S Arunachalam

A scathing and well-researched indictment of Hillary Clinton. If you believe in democracy, at all, this is a must read.

Many scandals could affect a Hillary Clinton presidency. This book takes a close look at some of the Clinton scandals that have dominated the headlines and some that are yet to emerge. These scandals include, the Clinton Foundation and its donors, Hillary Clinton’s paid Wall Street and corporate speeches, and the revelations that came out in the Panama Papers regarding tax evasion.

The source of the `dirty money' pouring into her election campaign coffers is another subject thoroughly researched by this explosive new book. The 2016 U.S. presidential election has seen a lot of attention focused on the ‘corrupt’ political campaign finance system. It's time the real truth emerged. In her campaign, Hillary Clinton has promised to hold the wealthy accountable and have one of the most ethical Administrations in American history.  Yet, as “Madam President: History In The Making?” shows, this appears to be empty campaign rhetoric, as the factual record of Hillary Clinton’s periods in and out of office shows something entirely different.

“Madam President: History In The Making?” also takes a microscopic look at Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State and the consequences that her record could have on both the United States, and its allies, if she is elected as 45th President of the United States.

Be prepared for the election that will change everything. What you thought you knew about the Clinton’s is about to change. The world they inhabit is a far cry from what the public imagine. If you want to understand what your vote will mean this November, get your hands on this book. If you don’t come away from reading it with shock visible on your face we will be very surprised.

“Madam President: History In The Making?” is thus the must read book for every American before the November 2016 election. It leaves open the possibility that a Hillary Clinton presidency could perhaps be more scandal plagued than that of Richard Nixon during the height of Watergate!

“While her supporters claim that Hillary is the best qualified candidate ever to run for the presidency in the history of the United States, they overlook the fact that along with her experience, Hillary Clinton brings more baggage than any other candidate to ever run for president,” said, Ramesh S Arunachalam, the author of “Madam President: History In The Making?”.

In summary, “Madam President: History In The Making?”, provides a clear, factual and objective look at Hillary Clinton and the tornado of scandals that surround her, and will surround a Hillary Clinton presidency. Each chapter is thoroughly documented with footnotes and voluminous research, based on objectively verifiable information in the public domain. 

Many Democrats and the Clinton campaign may not want voters reading this book.  But, if you are not certain for whom you will vote for, or are a stalwart supporter or detractor of Hillary Clinton, you should certainly take a look at this book.

Without a doubt, “Madam President: History In The Making?” is the must read book of the 2016 election for every American - whether Independent, Republican, Democrat, Green or Libertarian.

Both a paperback and Kindle edition are available on Amazon. 

Additional information on the book may be obtained at https://www.amazon.com/Madam-President-History-Ramesh-Arunachalam/dp/1535157682.

Watch the Book Trailer at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlgwfEiuDGg

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