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FINRA Accepts Membership of its First Equity Crowdfunding Portal Exclusively for Investments in the Energy Industry, Opening Oil and Gas Investments and Clean Tech Startups to the Public.

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On Wednesday, January 12, 2018, FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) granted the membership application of EnergyFunders Marketplace as the first energy-focused equity crowdfunding platform to qualify as an authorized funding portal under the recently enacted Regulation Crowdfunding (Regulation CF) rules.  The equity crowdfunding portal is also registered with the SEC.  On January 17, 2018, FINRA welcomed EnergyFunders Marketplace to “commence business operations as a FINRA funding portal member.”  The recent rules under which EnergyFunders Marketplace operates--Regulation CF--makes it possible for nearly all investors over the age of 18 to make investments directly into capital raising rounds for small to mid-stage traditional and non-traditional energy companies and startups.  

EnergyFunders Marketplace began with a mission to provide everyday investors, including those with non-accredited investor status, direct access to energy investments with lower buy-ins via its equity crowdfunding model.  Prior to EnergyFunders Marketplace, ordinary investors were typically restricted mostly to investments in public energy companies and by law, were usually denied the opportunity to invest in private energy investment offerings.

EnergyFunders Marketplace’s custom-built technology platform looks to disrupt the way people invest in the energy industry, which accounts for approximately 82% of the total U.S. primary energy usage and attracted $280B in investment in 2015, according to  EnergyFunders Marketplace is also positioned to allow investments in early and mid-stage energy startups in their quests to develop safer, cleaner, and lower cost clean energy technologies that could transition the energy industry into a new paradigm of responsibility and sustainability.

The EnergyFunders Marketplace platform will also make it convenient for investors large and small, to place investments in multiple investment offerings that fit their investment goals, enabling diversification-seeking investors to create a basket of different energy company and startup investments.

EnergyFunders Marketplace’s affiliate, EnergyFunders Black, provides direct access for accredited investors into energy investments, and offers a powerful, new resource for energy companies to utilize an equity crowdfunding model as an alternative to venture capital and traditional commercial funding methods. Providing more than just access to capital and larger investments, EnergyFunders Black also benefits energy companies by maintaining an extensive network of service providers for needs such as equipment procurement, vendor management, and sophisticated digital marketing.

Operators, E&P companies, and energy startups who want to learn more about this innovative platform can find more information--and investors can open a free account--at  

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