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Global Melanoma Research Network, Save Your Skin Foundation and Pulse Infoframe Collaborate to Augment Collection of Patient Relevant Melanoma Data

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?Partnership to Result in Real Time Data to Inform Policy Makers, Advance Research and Benefit Those Living with Melanoma


Senior executives from the Global Melanoma Research Network, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing together health professionals worldwide for the purpose of advancing melanoma research; Save Your Skin Foundation, a national not-for-profit patient advocacy group dedicated to leading the fight against skin cancer; and Pulse Infoframe Inc., a leading cloud-based health care data insights company, announced a partnership to augment melanoma data collection via evidence-based registries, patient portals, real-time analytics and data visualization.  It is believed that this partnership will result in new rich and relevant evidence to guide policy-makers in their fact-based decision making to improve the lives of those living with melanoma.

“Especially now, regulators and government policy makers need hard evidence to inform decisions. The Global Melanoma Research Network brings together researchers who collaborate to combat this vexing disease, and Save Your Skin Foundation has a decade long record of leadership and commitment to serving individuals living with melanoma,” said Dr. Femida Gwadry-Sridhar, Founder and CEO, Pulse Infoframe. “Pulse Infoframe’s dynamic registries enable the information needed to inform policy makers working to elevate policy that best serves the melanoma patient, provider and research communities.”

“The ability to tap into existing innovative and broadly deployed melanoma registries is another example of how Save Your Skin Foundation is advocating for patients,” said Kathy Barnard, Save Your Skin Foundation Founder and President. “As a melanoma survivor, I know first-hand the challenges that all involved face. The Save Your Skin Foundation is committed to serving this field, in all facets, and ultimately to eliminating melanoma. Our relationship with the Global Melanoma Research Network and Pulse Infoframe supports and advances these commitments.”

“What this is all about is the power of collaboration to effect positive change and help improve the lives of others,” said Scott Ernst, MD, co-founder of GMRN and Divisional Head of Medical Oncology at the London Regional Cancer Program. “It is critical that health care providers, researchers, patient advocates and policy makers work together to optimize policy and care delivery. Pulse Infoframe provides an enabling framework to facilitate those collaborative efforts which will lead to progress and ultimately in improved patient outcomes.”

About the Global Melanoma Research Network

The Global Melanoma Research Network (GMRN) was created as a not-for-profit organization in 2014, and is dedicated to bringing together health professionals worldwide for the purpose of advancement in melanoma research. GMRN was created as an expansion of the Canadian Melanoma Research Network , which was initiated in 2011 by Dr. Scott Ernst. The network consists of medical oncologists, surgeons, dermatologists, radiation oncologists, general practitioners of oncology, scientists, clinical research specialists, computer programmers, systems engineers, statisticians, health informatics professionals, and epidemiologists. This diverse network of professionals work together to improve the outcome and survival from this disease. 

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About Save Your Skin Foundation

Save Your Skin Foundation is a national not-for-profit advocacy group dedicated to leading the fight against skin cancer through nationwide education, advocacy and awareness, while providing compassionate care and support to those touched by the disease. Save Your Skin Foundation is committed to ensuring equal, timely, affordable and appropriate access to skin cancer treatment for all Canadians; to playing an active role in reducing the incidence of skin cancer; and to provide compassionate support to those living with skin cancer, from melanoma to actinic keratosis. Headquartered in North Vancouver, British Columbia, the Foundation also operates in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario.

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About Pulse Infoframe Inc. (Pulse)

Focusing on rare disease and cancer, Pulse is a new style informatics company delivering real-world insights and precision knowledge through dynamic analytics and data visualization to accelerate time-to-value. Pulse aggregates data, including patient reported outcomes, from multiple sources making it available to researchers and relevant stakeholders and offers numerous benefits including dramatically improved collaboration, informing decision making and leading to advances in treatment. Pulse is headquartered in Canada, with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and India. 

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Global Melanoma Research Network

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Save Your Skin Foundation

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Pulse Infoframe Inc.

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