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High Demand For Car Insurance In Atlanta And Increased Danger Of Damage To Cars and How Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson Can Help

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Insurance coverage is a necessary and mandatory requirement for any car on Atlanta roads. While insurance plays a crucial role in cushioning car owners against unexpected repairs due to accidents or mechanical problems, high premiums on auto insurance can be a real eyesore to any car owner. It is becoming increasingly frustrating to many motorists who are in need of insurance only to be bump into unexpected increases in the rates. Auto insurance rates in Atlanta, Georgia have been soaring and every time car owners renew their contracts they are surprised with newly increased rates. Analysts say the insurance costs in Atlanta and the underlying drastic increases are among the highest in the nation. 

Reports indicate that Atlanta's growing population coupled with low gas prices has driven a rise in traffic on already busy roads. This has occasioned an increase in the number of collisions and a rising cost of insurance for virtually every car owner in Atlanta, Alyssa Connolly who works for a company that tracks insurance rates noted. According to a recent survey conducted by The Zebra, a company that monitors and reports insurance rates, noted that insurance rates in metro Atlanta have risen by 9 percent over the last year and the increase is likely to be even higher in the coming months. 

With unprecedented increases in insurance rates, many vehicle owners are finding it difficult to carry valid insurance covers, a situation that places them at risk of not only losing their covers but also paying penalties and dealing with court cases due to nonpayment of premiums. 

Analysis by S&P Global Market Intelligence shows that Georgia and Atlanta in particular have seen the highest number of personal auto insurance rates in the last five years. According to industry players, increased car ownership, more accidents, and the rising cost of auto repairs have been blamed for increases. Many experts have suggested that the crisis in Atlanta's insurance cost is an equivalent of a "public health epidemic."

After the nation overcame recession, Atlanta saw an increased number of employed people. This meant that more than ever before, a lot more people are driving, but the transport system has failed to cope with this trend. Consequently, the frequency of accidents is worrying, especially the number of fatalities and injuries leading to permanent disability.

Let Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson Atlanta Help 

Is there a way car owners can find reprieve amidst these challenges? Yes, while these circumstances pose serious financial and emotional challenges to vehicle owners in Atlanta, Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson can provide the kind of help you need to fight invalidation of your policy, fines and help you deal with stressful auto insurance providers. According to the Atlanta Municipal Court Judge Gary Jackson, many people facing huge fines for failing to pay their auto insurance flock the court on a daily basis. He says a day never ends with recording a couple of insurance cases.

Remember that insurance companies are allowed to report car owners to the state authorities if they fail to update their policies for onward suspension of the tag. This comes with huge fines of up to $500 and other state-mandated surcharges that walks with an impounded vehicle. The cost may very well exceed $1,000 if you happen to be a victim of a suspended tag. Fortunately, however, Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson in Atlanta has the requisite skill and experience helping people stressed up with impending fines due to suspension of the tag. From negotiating with your insurance carrier to representing you in court, Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson can help you navigate the murky waters of unsustainably high insurance rates in Atlanta.

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