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HYPAR Smart Boat - Passing First Milestone & Crowdfunding Success!

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On the 19th of April, we started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo
Our first pledge goal of 25k was reached within 20 hours! 
Now, we can focus on delivery and development of the new variations. We allocated different tasks from logistics to new prototyping to our teams. The delivery of the first batch is planned for June-July.
HYPAR can be purchased until the 19th of May (the end of the Indiegogo campaign).  We are now expecting to raise between $50 and $100k, which will enable us to progress with production and development earlier than originally planned.
As soon as we will have fulfilled the orders, we will immediately put our resources into increasing the range of various HYPAR configurations.

We have now decided to title the project  'HYPAR smart boat', so that it encompasses all the various mods and functionalities of this unique watercraft. The term 'HYPAR Kayak' is a sub-name only suitable for the kayaking mod, 'HYPAR Solar' refers for the  solar variations and so on.

List of HYPAR mods in development: 
  HYPAR Kayak: Done
  HYPAR Sailing: Adding mast and few sail rigs, Twin fin rudders with foot control
  HYPAR Surfing Kayak: Spray skirt, bow/aft compartments Inflatable float bags, twin fin keels
  HYPAR Solar: Single Unit with folding solar panel, MPPT controller, electric motor. 
  HYPAR Fishing: Fitting for fishing gear, Ice box, sea anchor, adjustable seat

However all parts can be combined for any configurations, depend on need and task. For example solar panel can be used with the sail. Many more extensions and settings in development...

  Why HYPAR so versatile?

  1 Unique Hull:
The unique Hull of HYPAR provide incredible aspect ratio of speed and stability with advantage of broad horizontal surface (spacey aft deck). This arrangement is perfect platform for various tasks and applications with advantage of extreme performance. HYPAR made for Sea challenges and Breaking waves.
  2 Modular Design Strategy:
HYPAR architecture include all key structures and parts needed to support great range of functionality.  HYPAR greatly benefit of standardization, and fast snap connectors.
  3 Advanced Folding:
Unique aspect of HYPAR folding is that folding transformation fundamentally change character of geometry. The polygonal box transform into curve, slick Hull shape with uncompromising gorgeous surface. The Folding also carefully planned to support versatile functionality and  usability

HYPAR began with a Dream.
A Dream, without which, HYPAR would never glide on a water surface.
A Dream to design a smart boat, excel today and adapt to the day of tomorrow
A Dream to be part of a sustainable smart world.

HYPAR is a personal smart boat that possesses the true spirit of adventure.
With its lightweight construction, modular design, efficient hydrodynamics and potential to evolve and adapt….  
Every aspect of HYPAR is created to unfold adventure.
Adventure to explore the freedom of Water and Nature.

This is what Inspires us day after day.
This is why we design HYPAR

HYPAR is a patented personal Smart Boat. When folded, it can be carried anywhere as a light-weight backpack - making it incredibly easy to handle, transport and amazingly convenient to store.  

Thanks to its modular design and the exceptional proportions of the hull shape, HYPAR sustains an easy and fast reconfiguration setup from a backpack in to kayak, dinghy, sailing boat, solar boat and many more to come!
HYPAR greatly performs in any environment: from placid metropolitan waterways to braking sea waves and gale wind.
Any corners of the planet are open to HYPAR. Performance and reliability of HYPAR design will suit beginners as well as experts.

The gorgeously streamlined HYPAR bow slices into the water vertically while its wide flattened stern meets the surface horizontally. This gives the boat a shape consisting of two counterpoised hyperbolic paraboloids, hence the name HYPAR.
HYPAR's innovative hull shape ensures exceptional speed and stability whilst the ground-breaking 'folding' design enables instant transformation from a boat into a backpack - all in less than 3 minutes. This ensures you can quickly and conveniently fit a performance watercraft inside your car, or any other transportation or storage space.

The unique shape of the HYPAR hull provides an exceptional combination of performance and versatility. The hull versatility is enhanced by a modular design, an advanced folding caracteristic, a snap connectivity and high tech materials. These determine the basis of the smart boat concept. The smart boat concept in its nature is an adaptive platform capable of evolving to meet any unseen challenges in the future. HYPAR standards and our Open Design policy let everyone contribute to HYPAR evolution with personal ideas and refinements.
As a result, HYPAR can be transformed into many configurations - from backpack to kayak, rowing, sailing or even solar powered boat and much more. All what is needed for a new HYPAR configuration, is to obtain the required equipment and ensure it is designed to HYPAR standards. In most cases, you won't even need tools to refit your HYPAR and most reconfiguration take just moments to accomplish. 

Currently we are testing the following configurations:
    Sailing mod: Sailing ability is one of many advantages of HYPAR concept. For sailing HYPAR is equipped with sails and rigging. The fin & rudder are controlled by foot pedals.
    Solar mod: Solar unit designed as unified block of light Solar panel, MPPT controller and DC engine. Direct sunlight provides energy for propulsion, and on shore, the Solar panel can be used to power camping equipment or personal electronic gadgets.
    Surfing mod and Fishing mod and more in progress....

Assembly Boat<>Box time 3-5 minutes
The boat size: length: 985 inch | width: 31 inch | height 15 inch 
weight: 22 lbs | capacity: 220 lbs
The case size: length: 31 inch | width: 9 inch | height 40 inch  

The boat size: length: 300 cm | width: 80 cm | height 40 cm 
weight: 10 kg | capacity: 100 kg
The case size: length: 80 cm | width: 23 cm | height 102 cm  

The HYPAR design team has been working in close collaboration with DS Smith France, a leading European plastics manufacturer. DS Smith introduced a new grade of advanced, reinforced honeycomb cell matrix, polypropylene material Akyboard™ specifically adapted for marine conditions and the unique design aspects of HYPAR, with an estimated ability to withstand more than 20,000 repetitive folds!
Towards a sustainable solution for the environment and for absolute user convenience, the HYPAR and DS Smith teams have ensured that the hull material would be 100% recyclable with a lifelong replacement policy. Please note that out of use HYPAR hulls will be replaced with only a small fee charged to cover transportation and recycling.

HYPAR was featured during the Boat Show in Düsseldorf last January and was tested by Jochen Lettmann who is a German slalom canoeist who competed in the 1990s. We also partner with Jochen  to test and review important modification of HYPAR that we will present for the Market.


  1. Light collapsible Keelson.
  2. Front bulkhead with Adjustable footrest.
  3. Comfortable seat and backrest.
  4. Reinforced cockpit rim suiting spray skirts.
  5. Transom Spoilers.
  6. Watertight gaskets. 
  7. Bow stem clamp.
  8. Carry harness.
  9. Quick-release buckles.
  10. Post package.

Transforming HYPAR from backpack to boat is intuitive and simple, taking approximately three minutes to fold or unfold. You can reconfigurate HYPAR to suit your mood. Reconfiguring HYPAR to suit your chosen setting is super simple and requires no tools. All key fittings and support for modifications are included with every HYPAR purchase. Detailed, full instructions and a comprehensive assembly video are all included

The HYPAR smart boat is challenging to produce at scale. Our team has worked hard to set these logistical and production challenges. All key members of HYPAR team poses professional experience in boating and water sports in addition to professional design and manufacturing skills. We also working in very close collaboration with DS Smith plastics France, a leading European plastics manufacturer, to develop the most advanced product and material.

HYPAR is designed for performance while also being comfortable and enjoyable to use. The HYPAR team have tested every prototype in extreme weather conditions, to make sure we have a product that meets rigorous safety and endurance standards. HYPAR's Akyboard polypropylene base material is robust and durable with integrated UV protection, easy for maintenance and repairs. The HYPAR hull is backed by life-long protection through a revolutionary recycling policy where damaged hulls shall be replaced, with only a small fee charged to cover transportation and recycling.

We have designed HYPAR from the beginning for mass manufacturing in mind. We will streamline the process by:
- Important manufacturing will be done in France by DS Smith, to retain tight control of operations, quality and logistics.
- Rely on the automation and unique technologies of DS Smith.
- Using established relationships with various contract manufacturers.

We are a small, dedicated team of professional designers and manufacturing experts. Together, we're thrilled to launch HYPAR kayak. We believe that active outdoors interaction with Nature enhances people’s lives, and we have designed HYPAR with a Dream to make the world a better and more sustainable place.

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