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The worlds of gaming and sports get in a friendly infight as the Jabii boxing toy launches its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on June 1st, the International Kids Day. After three years of development, Jabii Group calls on all the cool, tech-enthusiastic parents in the world to back this project.

Jabii is a new toy, a new company and a new way to interact with video games. The Jabii boxing toy was developed to let kids box for fun without the risk of physical harm – the system of springs in the telescopic arm reduces the force substantially, and with the foam helmet and rubber head of the toy, the impact is softened greatly. Sensors in the boxing toys and helmets allow the integration of the Jabii game for scorekeeping and practice. By combining boxing with a video game Jabii encourages physical activity and reduces the risk for kids of developing health problems due to smart device usage. It is just as fun and harmless as a pillow fight.  

A great advantage of Jabii is that it is a game aimed for actual playing, reducing the risks of getting health problems. The team behind Jabii lives in Denmark, a country well known for its digitized society where the rate of kids using smart devices is one of the highest in the world.

 Experiencing this problem first hand with his own kids, Christian Thostrup came up with the idea for the Jabii boxing glove as a way to get them to play more actively, instead of spending all their spare time on smart devices.

“The best thing about Jabii is that it is fun and that I get to play a lot more with my kids. I love seeing them move around instead of sitting down with their phones or iPads all the time”, says Christian Thostrup, start-up veteran, and inventor of Jabii.

Three years later, Jabii is now ready to break the mold when it comes to connecting active playing with digital gaming. All the sweat and blood put into the project finds its finishing touch with the launch of the Kickstarter campaign. Jabii needs all hands on board in order to create a universe where kids and their parents engage in more active playing.

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Jabii Group is a brand new company started in a garage in Denmark by inventor Christian Thostrup. The mission is to offer kids a friendly boxing game with which they can actively play at any time. Jabii is building a universe where kids and parents can engage in a fun and safe playful environment.

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