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Kickstarter: New Invention Diverts Air Flow From Car's Air Vents Around Phone While Holding It in Place

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An ingenious invention that tunnels the air from a car’s air vent around the sides of a smartphone when it is attached to the vent, has been launched on the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Extend-A-Vent solves the problem of losing airflow and subjecting your phone to extreme temperature changes that may damage it.

For many drivers, the air vent on the dashboard is the most convenient location for a phone, but attaching a phone can block the air vent or restrict the air flow. Extend-A-Vent is the first of its kind that diverts the warm or cold air so that it flows around the device and is then emitted from a vent on the device which runs the length of the phone. At the same time, Extend-A-Vent will provide maximum protection to the phone and hold it securely in place.

What makes the product outstanding is its ability to rotate 360 degrees. The driver can choose to have their phone portrait, with the air vents on either side, or landscape, whereby the air vents are above and below the phone. The vents on Extend-A-Vent are fully adjustable to direct the air flow for the driver’s and passenger’s comfort. Rubber grips hold the phone in place. The design ensures that the device is protected from any damage that could be caused by extreme temperatures from the car’s air vent.

Inventor and entrepreneur Akiva Boas is asking backers to pledge $5 or more in support of his innovative design. Boas has been working on Extend-A-Vent for almost two years. After successful testing of the prototype, it is almost ready for manufacturing. Extend-A-Vent will be developed to fit all smartphones and cars, including newer car models; for $24, a limited amount of backers will receive a unit from the first run in an Early Bird Special.

Previously, phone holders that attach to the dashboard or windshield have proved to be unreliable or ineffective, or even dangerous since they restrict the driver’s view. Since the air vent is located immediately to the side of the steering wheel, within easy reach and view of the driver, it is a natural location for a phone. However, products stored here can interfere with the flow of air into the car. The fluctuating temperatures that come from the vehicle's vents can also be detrimental to the internal workings of a phone.

Part of the testing process for Extend-A-Vent has included monitoring air flow to ensure sufficient air is emitted from a car’s air vent when the product is in place. A working prototype has been successfully tested and finalized, and when the funds are raised, production can begin. More details of the product, including how to make a pledge, can be found on the Kickstarter website here:

Akiva Boas
Brooklyn, New York

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