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Mark Cuban’s Radical New Un-Hoverboard 'Moov' Launches on Kickstarter

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Radical Transport launches its first crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Starting at $1,099 for the early bird offer, the Moov is the first 2-wheeled, self-balancing electric rideable of its kind to utilize a solid platform design with steering control based on weight rather than foot angle. Moov's intelligent ride sensors within the board enable a more nimble turning and create a rider experience similar to skiing, roller blading, or even surfing.

Moov looks different because it is different. With a lower stance, larger wheels and ultra-thing unibody construction, Moov is a machine, not a toy. The Moov team developed their own intellectual Torsion Turn Technology, which responds to your body’s natural sense of balance, increasing the rider’s stability and improving handling.

Nick Fragnito co-founder at Radical Transport explains: “With the traditional boards you simply tilt your ankles to turn, whereas turning with ours is weight-based so it feels more like a sport. It's similar to skiing where you can carve into turns and put your weight into it. We definitely see Moov more like a sporty electric rideable than the traditional hoverboard toys that are currently on the market.”

The Radical Moov was designed with intelligent architecture in mind. The ride platform sits below the center of the axle, bringing the board and the rider closer to the ground for optimum control and stability. Moov’s impact absorbing wheels are wider and larger for a smoother ride and the tread is optimized for both street and indoor surfaces. Utilizing UL1642 certified battery cells, the Moov will safely provide a riding range of 12 miles on a full charge. The board also has dynamic ride profiles, programmable via the Radical Transport smartphone app, which allows riders to customize the steering inputs and speed controls to either novice, intermediate, pro, or fully personalized settings.  

"At Radical Transport, we’re redefining personal transportation. Designed, engineered, and assembled in the US, we’ve made a product that is both safe and fun,” explains co-founder Evan Williams. “We believe that the rideable industry is growing and that people want more portable mobility devices. Our product will get you from point A to point B just as any other last-mile device, what’s unique about Moov is that you’ll have a blast while getting there.  We can’t wait to share this board with the Kickstarter community and have them enjoy Moov’s all-new riding experience.”


  • Torsion Turn Technology: Unibody design with integrated sensors which responds to your body’s natural sense of balance, increasing rider stability and improving handling.
  • Intelligent Design: Lightweight die-cast aluminum frame, silicone carrying handle, interchangeable magnetic decks, custom LED lights, 2 x 350 watt hub motor, 9” durable elastomer wheel, certified insulated 37V battery pack, reinforced axel.
  • Tires are 3” wide + 9” diameter. The board is 7” wide and 26” long. Total weight is 24lbs.
  • 6600mAh/37v lithium ion batteries give you a range of 12 miles on full charge with 2.5 hrs of charging time.
  • UL 1642 certified lithium cells. Pending UL 2272 certification for personal e-mobility device.
  • Dynamic Ride Profiles: Customizable riding modes via Moov’s smartphone app (android and iOS), riders can safely master beginner and intermediate modes before operating at pro or fully customizable levels.
  • Interchangeable Decks: Inspired by skate and snowboard culture, Moov's deck can be customized to suit your unique style. The decks are secured with powerful magnets for a fast and painless swap.
  • Made in America: The Moov is designed, engineered and assembled in Dallas, Texas, USA.

You can back the Moov on their Kickstarter page now, starting at $1099 for the Early MOOVer adopters.

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About Radical Transport:

Radical Transport is a tech startup based in Dallas, Texas founded by electrical engineer Evan Williams and aerospace engineer Nick Fragnito. Evan and Nick leveraged their passion for electric vehicles and hands-on development experience to create a better, safer, and more radical electric rideable from the ground up. Mark Cuban is their backer and mentor, so it’s natural that the company’s DNA is to challenge and disrupt its category. For more information, please visit the Radical Transport website at

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