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Novako Music LLC is announcing the Kickstarter launch of Ava, a  travel-sized ukulele with an on-board speaker. 

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Ava’s unique design is optimized for maximizing sound performance while minimizing its physical footprint. An on-board speaker projects a bold acoustic sound suitable for jamming out with friends. The patent-pending Turnkey Tuner system is cleverly located in the back, saving space that would otherwise be taken up by a headstock. With the forearm rest retracted, Ava measures just 16” long lengthwise and fits in an average backpack. 

Ava was invented by design engineer Candace Chen. Chen is a classically trained pianist and violinist, and self-taught on the ukulele and guitar, with experience teaching music. She holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from MIT and has been designing, engineering and manufacturing products her entire career. Personal projects include two electric violins, two electric ukuleles, an electric longboard, a hammering robot and a modified electric pocket bike. She is also an avid traveler, who had her own instrument broken in flight.

“The ‘Aha’ moment came during one fateful trip,” says Chen. “Because of baggage limits, I was forced to check my acoustic ukulele. Even though I had carefully packed and cushioned the ukulele, when I reached my destination I discovered the TSA had opened the bag and repacked it poorly, breaking my beloved instrument in half! I looked into buying a travel-sized ukulele, but none were able to match the sound of an acoustic uke”

“Ava” is derived from the word “avian,” (bird) -- a reference to both the wing-shaped forearm rest which slides into the body -- as well as constantly flying to different places. 


  • Compact
    • Retractable Forearm Rest
      • Extended for comfortable strumming position
      • Retracted for compact storage
    • Patent-Pending Turnkey Tuner
      • Located in the rear and saves space that would otherwise be taken up by a headstock
      • The “key” magnetically attaches to the tuning posts pegs while tuning
      • Magnetic key stores away easily in the body when not in use
    • Easily fits in average sized backpack
  • Excellent Sound
    • Onboard speaker projects bold acoustic sound (volume control for different settings)
    • Powered by rechargeable long-lasting battery (up to 6 hrs)
    • (3.5mm) audio jack output to earphones for private sound
    • High-quality nylon strings play warm chords and clear bright individual notes
  • Durable
    • Exterior made of a high-performance polymer blend making it impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, shatter-resistant, warp-resistant
    • Comes with a custom-designed soft gig bag, hard case sold separately


Novako Music designs and manufactures instruments known for their warm, bright sounds and sleek, modern designs. We are trend-setters of the modern-day music scene, committed to innovation, quality, and excellent user experience. Ava is our first instrument launch.

One of the advantages of being a young growing brand is getting to pick who you work with without the red tape that comes with a large corporation. Novako Music is committed to supporting musicians and artists, and to build them up through collaboration and cross-promotion.

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