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Pay Up Student Loans with Crowdfunding: Stumuch Enables Verified Crowdfunding Donations that Help Student Borrowers Pay Up their Loans via a Website and Mobile Apps

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Stumuch has implemented a unique way of eradicating student loans via verified donations collected using crowdfunding. The crowdfunding service, that uses a website ( and mobile apps, encourages donors to help student borrowers pay up their loans by building a higher level of trust on the borrowers who are in need.

Students are the future of society and the human race. Our future, to quite an extent, lies in the hands of people in the workforce, which is regularly replenished with students from universities, colleges, and other educational institutions. Unfortunately student loan debts are a major financial concern in the US. Besides retirement plans, paying off the housing mortgages, medical bills, and credit card balances people are struggling to pay off student loans. The government and banks make billions of dollars of revenue in interest payments from student loans, which take years to pay off. The student loan crisis, is defaulting to $1.2 trillion as of 2016.

Stumuch verifies the loans of students that register on the service by cross checking with financial institution documents. The service encourages students to find out about their loan and servicer provider even before their initial payments are due. Donations are deposited directly into student loan accounts since they are handed over to service providers. Many other popular crowdfunding services struggle with creating a system of trust between donors and beneficiaries. Stumuch, with its verification checks and direct deposit technique, aims to increase the trust factor in the crowdfunding industry and eradicate student loan debt.

Donors can use Stumuch’s iOS and Android apps to donate as well as the website which is effortlessly simple to use with an unclutterd interface and elegant design. Student borrowers create their funding profile by signing up on and these profiles are made visible to the public upon approval by Stumuch. They get a platform to express their needs and ask to be funded.

Currently, Stumuch focuses on US markets. There is a large amount of student loan debt in the US. Nearly 70% of bachelor’s degree recipients leave school with debt.  In the near future, the company plans to expand to international markets and become a global service provider for the needs of students.

About Stumuch

Stumuch is a startup based on Orlando, Florida, and San Jose, California, that focuses on helping student borrowers pay up their student loans with donations. Visit to experience a more transparent and verified crowdfunding process.

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