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Premier equity crowdfunding platform ENDVEST takes on S.F. Bay Area housing crunch. 

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New Investment platform opens real estate opportunities for small investors in new build in El Cerrito, offers over 40% IRR. 


The high-tech boom in the San Francisco Bay Area has raised rents by an average of 12% per year for the past several years, mostly due to the significant shortage of housing in the area, driving residents, and developers, into the surrounding communities, particularly the East Bay.

One such community is El Cerrito, the fastest rental market in the Bay Area, where city officials realized that they could aid, and benefit from, the house crunch, and thus streamlined the approval process for new housing developments, including the Baxter Creek Lofts project, which is projected to realize a target IRR of 41.9% over a 30-month period with an equity multiple of 2.43x. 

Baxter Creek Lofts, which will add 100+ rental units to the market, is next to a new park and conveniently located near the El Cerrito del Norte BART station, putting it 10 minutes from Berkeley, 15 minutes from the new Uber facility in Oakland, and only 30 minutes from San Francisco. 

Thanks to ENDVEST, via its premier equity crowdfunding platform, the Baxter Creek Lofts project also presents a lucrative investment opportunity, particularly for the small investor for whom such deals were previously out of reach.  

Established in 2015, ENDVEST offers smaller investors, for an initial investment as low as $1000 (for some projects), the chance to invest in high-yield projects. As a key player in the equity crowdfunding market, ENDVEST gives people a voice in what gets developed in their community, to invest in the project, and the chance to benefit from that development as a member of the community where the project is being built. 

ENDVEST shines where real, urgent needs are not being addressed, such as the San Francisco Bay Area, where ENDVEST is addressing the housing crisis with the innovative solution that equity crowdfunding provides, creating a platform that serves investors and community stake-holders alike, offering unprecedented opportunities such as Baxter Creek Lofts.

As an ENDVEST member, your investment in Baxter Creek Lofts will be pooled with that of other ENDVEST Partners to fund the $1.9m needed to acquire the property and complete the pre-development process, increasing the land value by an estimated three to four times. Further, this new investment opportunity is unique in that it offers first time investors have the chance to participate in the land-purchase of a ground-up development.

“The local Bay Area developer Charlie Oewel has agreed to allow ENDVEST Partners to participate in the extra-ordinary profit resulting from land re-entitlement, an opportunity typically retained by developers and rarely shared with their investors,” says ENDVEST president Jack Boyajian. “We are confident that Charlie’s exceptional success in developing student and residential housing in the Bay Area will result in the best new rentals in El Cerrito in a fabulous location, across from the new park and walking distance to BART.”

Two other such projects are across the bay in Oakland, where ENDVEST is offering the chance to invest in a 25 unit condo development in the Lake Merritt area, and a biodiesel plant that, according to former Oakland mayor Eilhu Harris, “will forever change the carbon landscape of the Bay Area.”

Visit for more information, and to participate in this and other exciting new opportunities.

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