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The air we breathe contain all of the energy the world needs

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A sensational invention

Virtually free energy

Free of emissions



HyMeAir now present a sensational invention that could possibly solve all of the world’s energy problems, as well as eradicating the climate threat, environmental problems and extreme poverty.


By using wind and Nano Towers to filter out the vast energy content of methane and hydrogen within the air.

We predict that this invention could give your finances a real boost, for example enabling you to fill up your car in an environmental friendly way for a few dollars instead of sixty dollars.

The future looks brighter than ever before.

The air we breathe contains many different substances. Nano Towers can filter out the smallest molecules, hydrogen and methane, which could potentially give us all the energy the world needs and we would be able to say goodbye to overhanging “climate change”.

Why do we destroy and poison our planet by digging enormous holes to extract coal, natural gas and oil?

Why drill, pump, excavate, break up and poison our natural environment and atmosphere in order to get energy.

Why build expensive, inefficient wind turbines, solar cells and burn wood, when all the energy we need is in the air around us?

All the energy we need is actually in the very air we breathe.

All we need is to filter out the enormous volumes of energy in form of hydrogen and methane, from the blowing wind - the air.

Read all about it. Release: July 25, after 11 AM, New York-time

HyMeAir AB,

Claes  Persson CEO

Wallingatan 34, SE-111 24 Stockholm, Sweden,

Please, at the moment use our Email, not our phone (+46 10 510 20 12)

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