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The Democratization of Media Creation is Allowing Smart Companies to Do More With Less

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Why you no longer need to hire expensive firms to create engaging, high-quality media


As recent as a decade ago, if you wanted to bring your brand to life, whether through crisp clean photos or high-quality video, you needed a large crew and extensive equipment in order to achieve the results you desired. 

Long gone are those days, as large media creation companies are seeing competition from solo videographers and photographers, who don’t need over-priced equipment or bloated teams, and have gotten used to being budget-efficient with a keen eye and talent that allows them to produce attention-grabbing media for much lower costs. 

There has certainly been a rise in solo media creators over the past few years, as a result of the commercialization of camera equipment, which has allowed photo and video hobbyists to hone in their craft and turn their hobby into full-fledged services. 

And forward-thinking companies are starting to take advantage of the services these talented, independent photographers and videographers are offering. 

The services provided by photographers and filmmakers like Mark Teskey, of Teskey Mediaworks, are on the leading edge of this revolution. Teskey, who began as a landscape photographer, has since leveled up his offerings by working with brands to create media for large projects, from the Minnesota Vikings practice facility to apartment communities and trendy Minnesota hotspots like Canal Park Brewing Co. in Duluth. 

“We have a true passion for what we do,” Mark says on the benefits of brands using solo media creators.

“And not only can we create high-quality media assets for our clients, but we can do so while helping them stay on budget, allowing smart property manager and marketing teams to do way more than they could previously.” continues Mark. 

Whereas larger media creation firms must juggle many clients at once, solo creators are able to focus on a single client to deliver polished, high-grade media before moving on to their next project. As a result, brands that use small agencies and independent photographers and videographers often possess digital assets that are as high of quality, if not more so, than what the bigger firms can create. 

As we head into 2019, look for more and more brands to turn to this alternative, as it allows them to still save money on their marketing initiatives without sacrificing quality.

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