The End Of Road Rage? CarWink Hits $80,000 Kickstarter Goal

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Lifestyle Gadget Helps Drivers Communicate Across the Asphalt with Emojis

  LOS ANGELES, CA - 12/18/2017

Innovart, the creators of CarWink, today announced that their intra-vehicular communication gadget had successfully reached its $80,000 funding goal on Kickstarter.

The hands-free, voice-controlled gadget enables drivers to communicate with each other using emojis, significantly decreasing the likelihood of road rage for those using it.

Road rage is one of the more unpleasant facts of modern-day life, and more than 50% of people have been both aggressors and victims. From aggressive horn honks and tailgating through to getting out the car to get physical, it has often been seen as a simple result of frustration at today’s congested roads and highways.

“Drivers make mistakes all the time; we all do it. We get our timings wrong, or we go at the wrong speed. Without effective communication, it’s easy for other drivers to misinterpret our mistake as aggression – and we have all seen the unpleasant results of that,” said Wei Cheng Chou, CEO of Innovart, the company behind CarWink.

“The fact that we have hit our Kickstarter goal ahead of the deadline indicates that America’s road users realize this is a problem, and that they want to be able to communicate. Our smart emoji system makes this easy – and it will almost certainly cut down incidences of road rage where it is used.”

Users can send a variety of pictographic messages to other drivers from thanks, warning messages of hazards up ahead, requests to slow down, and even to ask for help. With twenty emojis ready and another fifteen currently in production, CarWink will offer drivers the most versatile vehicular communication system on the road today.

CarWink’s clever use of emojis to communicate across what used to be the vacuum of the road also showcases a change in American culture: “We are living in a contemporary age of visual culture, and using visual communication more than ever,” says Catherine Moore, an Assistant Professor of Art at Georgia Gwinnett College.

“Art doesn’t just hang in a museum anymore, but also on street corners, on websites, and our phones.” Now, thanks to the CarWink, art is now on the roads, reminding drivers that we’re all only human – and to mind where we go.

CarWink’s Kickstarter continues and is open to further contributions through Sunday, December 31st, 2017. A pledge of $87 and above will now secure backers their very own CarWink, saving as much as $33 off the lifestyle gadget’s planned retail price of $120.

With full funding of $80,000 achieved, production is scheduled to start in Q1 2018; it is expected that the finished product will be shipped in June 2018. To see the CarWink in action, watch the video below. 

Innovart will also be presenting CarWink at the upcoming CES 2018 show in Las Vegas in January 2018. For more information about CarWink, Innovart’s other products and the company’s design philosophy, please visit For media inquiries, please contact Wei Cheng Chou at

About Innovart

Founded in 2015 by Wei Cheng Chou and Caitlyn Hung, Innovart blends functional, yet intimate design with the needs of the everyday user. Its latest product, CarWink, brings smart emoji communication between vehicles on the road to the fore. For more information about the company and CarWink, please visit Innovart’s website.

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