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The Green Outlook of BigBang Core: Blockchain + Energy Industry Chain

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  China, Xianggang, Guiqing - 04/21/2020 (PRESS RELEASE JET)

1. The Bottleneck of Energy Industry 

Energy is the foundation of social development. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in human life, economic status and influence of countries. The continuous evolution process through technological means of the energy industry never stops. “Energy Internet” was proposed to push the industry to a new pattern, which laid the foundation for multi-energy integration, physical integration of information and multi-market integration, and also established the basis for the innovation road of introducing new technologies and thoughts.

In the new round of energy revolution, it is not only necessary to solve the problems of energy sources, but also energy management, energy value flow, information security, transaction configuration and other problems.  However, the previous unified model of centralized production, deployment and planning of the energy industry, is unable to truly achieve coordinated development and connectivity.


2. Blockchain + Energy Industry Chain

The introduction of blockchain technology and the penetration of its innovative ideas can bring a new chapter to the new energy market and the Energy Internet, and create an open and transparent, fair and reliable, low cost and efficient operation digital rights world. As a new database technology, blockchain technology has the potential to become an important technical solution to the challenge of the new ecology in future energy industry chain, because of its characteristics of decentralization, openness and transparency, which are consistent with the concept of Energy Internet.

With the development of blockchain, many distributed power sources, such as distributed wind power, distributed photovoltaic power, will be incorporated into the large power grid operation. It will have a profound impact on future energy production, conversion, storage, transportation, dispatching, control, management, use and other links, promoting the efficient and clean production and use of energy, and bringing a new pattern to the trillion-sized market.


3. The New Ecological Construction of Energy

BigBang Core is a global new energy system based on the blockchain. Through the adoption of emerging technologies such as EPC network, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. BigBang Core is committed to integrate quality operators and users globally in the new energy industry, solve the “energy-centric” supply-demand relationship in different regions of the world, and provide intelligent matching, contract scheduling, automatic recommendation, standard maintenance, intelligent payment, precision marketing and other quality services for both parties. 

Based on these basic quality services and technical advantages, BigBang Core network focuses on distributed wind power, micro grid, photovoltaic power generation, new energy mall, and energy social network, etc. On this basis, financial and big data value-added services are derived. Therefore, financial institutions, regulatory agencies, government departments and core enterprises can work together to contribute to the healthy development and industrial upgrading of new energy industry.

In the ecological network of BigBang Core, important information, such as transaction information, will be put on the chain, and all the equity will be digitized and securitized. In addition, BigBang Core token, will be used as an important value medium in the ecological network, to realize the value transfer and delivery of new energy in the digital rights world, and achieve security and convenience, real-time clearing and settlement, transparence and traceability, and intelligent contracting.


4. The Green Outlook of Bigbang Core 

Distributed storage, cryptography, intelligent contracting and other technologies of blockchain have a natural fit with the energy industry. BigBang Core will solve the value flow problems of green new energy by converting green energy such as photovoltaic power generation into digital assets. It is also more conducive for enterprises to explore a broader business model.

In current electricity transaction, generation, distribution and use of electricity are three different subjects. In the promotion of market-oriented and autonomous electricity transaction, decentralization has become a necessary topic. BigBang Core will build its system of value flow based on blockchain to solve the problems that need to be solved in the energy industry. Through the adoption of advanced emerging technologies, such as EPC network, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, multi-party computation, BigBang Core will integrate the supply end such as high quality industrial producers, operators and service providers, reshape new energy industrial productivity and production relations, and provide a series of intelligent solutions for both supply and demand sides in the new energy industry.

BigBang Core will realize multi-energy complementary of wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy, natural gas and other types of distributed energies, with an access capacity of high proportion of distributed energy power, and supplemented by a relatively independent comprehensive energy system, which achieves flexible interaction with public grid through storage, scheduling and other systems. Moreover, based on the advantages of distributed ledger, non-tampering and intelligent contracting of blockchain technology, it is easy to confirm and transfer the rights and interests of both sides of the transaction. So as it to build a digital rights world of the new energy industry chain.

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