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World’s Most Perfectly Engineered Cocktail Glass Launches Kickstarter Campaign

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Beautiful Hand-blown DUO Glass Prevents Condensation and Minimizes Melting Ice 

Using Lightweight Double-Walled Borosilicate Glass with Graduated 1-oz Measuring Lines 

and Shaped for Standard  Iceball


There are almost as many specialized cocktail glasses as there are cocktails.  The highball glass, the old fashioned glass, the martini glass, the Irish coffee glass… the list goes on.  But the founders of a just-launched Kickstarter campaign took a different approach by combining simplicity with versatility and beauty to create the “DUO Glass” – perhaps the only glass a home bar ever needs.

Created by Aged & Ore, each DUO Glass is hand-blown using borosilicate glass (Pyrex) so they’re extremely lightweight and durable.  The glass is double-walled which insulates the spirits.  Ice melts very slowly, it’s comfortable to hold even with piping hot beverages, and there’s zero condensation so no more coasters and puddles!  As whiskey aficionados, the designers made sure the bottom is shaped to perfectly hold a standard 2” iceball.  And as part of the Kickstarter campaign, they are including one silicone iceball mold with each glass ordered.  The DUO is crafted with etched lines at each 1-oz. mark which is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also means cocktails can be mixed right in the glass, no additional jiggers necessary. 

Early bird pledges begin at $28 for two DUO Glasses and two iceball molds, nearly 50% off the retail price.  As a special incentive, Aged & Ore teamed with Milwaukie-based Bittercube to offer three Kickstarter-exclusive bitters -  Cherry Bark Vanilla, Bolivar, Orange – for anyone pledging at the $59 level.

DUO Glass orders are planned to ship to backers by June 2018.  The producers, Roberto Meza and Kegan McDaniel, operating under the banner Aged & Ore, are highly experienced in Kickstarter campaigns.  Their first venture, KERO Products, was launched in 2012 thanks to a successful Kickstarter and remains a successful company producing innovative mobile charging cables and accessories.  Ten months of planning, six concepts and two prototypes went into their DUO Glass project. 

“We put as much craft and thought put into the DUO Glass as the spirits we are drinking,” said Aged & Ore co-founder Roberto Meza.  “As home bar enthusiasts, we became frustrated with the limited glassware selection available.  From our perspective, it was all bland or gimmicky – nothing with true purpose. In early 2017 we combined our unique skill set and common strategic vision to begin designing what would become the DUO Glass.”


  • Chamfered base for outer glass, round inner glass provides a beautiful aesthetic.

  • Double wall glass enables better insulation as well as no condensation

  • Lightweight borosilicate glass at .9mm thick for a perfect balance of quality and weight.  Glass handles temperature change better than standard glass.

  • 1 oz. graduations molded into inner glass for controlled pours and easy measuring for simple mixing

  • Comfortably nestles a standard ice ball for drinking bourbon and spirits.

In preparation for the Kickstarter launch, Aged & Ore sent DUO Glass prototypes to a number of prominent spirits bloggers and tastemakers, for their insight and suggestions.  The results have been uniformly congratulatory:


“Undoubtedly the best ice ball glass I’ve used…”

-- @singlemaltalliance / 32.5K followers / respected whiskey expert & influencer


“Your glass retains temperature incredibly well. Ice is clearly a non issue but the fact that it helped keep the room temperature warmth of my whisky on top of a windy, sub freezing 5,900 foot peak is really a testament to your craftsmanship. Well done…”

-- @whiskywithaview / 67.5K followers / whisky enthusiast, expert, influencer


“The spirits glass we have all been waiting for.”

-- @TheCentralStandard / Milwaukee based distillery


“A must have for every home bar…”

--@bittercube / Milwaukee based slow crafted bitters company


“I love the weight and design…”

-- @_valcohol / 6.2K followers / cocktail expert


“It’s so cool because each line is a 1 ounce measure! Makes it easy to make a drink!”

-- @gastronomcocktails / 10.7k followers / instagram cocktail and food influencers 



Aged & Ore ( are re-inventing the spirit drinking experience with innovative glassware and barware.  Their debut product, the Duo Glass, is an all-purpose cocktail and whiskey glass.  The hand-blown double wall borosilicate glass is crafted to insulate, measure, and complement your every drinking experience no matter what the spirit of choice.

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