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Pharmaceutical Press Release

Pharmaceutical companies get a lot of attention in today’s media, and not all of it good. As the health industry in general is the subject of strong emotions and opinions, good PR is essential. A pharmaceutical press release is a cost-effective way to manage and enhance your reputation.

We have seen some pharmaceutical press releases whose purpose was to respond to a crisis. However, there are many other possible reasons for a press release. It’s a great way to publicize achievements or awards, or to recognize excellent staff members. You can utilize these milestones and events to build a solid reputation for your pharmaceutical company. It is also gives you tremendous “bang for your buck” on your investment: for prices starting as low as $69, Press Release Jet will distribute your press release to local, regional, and national news media and industry journals.

To maximize the potential of this PR tool, there are several things to keep in mind.

First of all, make sure that you have a newsworthy story to report. Reporters and journalists see hundreds of press releases every day, and choose to report on very few of them. You will increase your credibility with the media by only issuing a press release when you have something interesting and relevant to share. Communicate the newsworthy elements of your story right away, in the headline and opening paragraph. Reporters will decide right at the beginning whether or not your press release is worthy of their time to read.

Also make sure that any information in your press release is accurate. Above all else, you want the media to perceive your company as reputable and honest. Ensure that you can back up any assertions in your pharmaceutical press release with real data and facts. Properly attribute any studies or quotes. Include accurate contact information and make sure that someone knowledgeable will be available to respond. Journalists are working against deadlines and will not thank you for wasting their time with inaccurate information or contact details that lead nowhere.

For more information on how to craft and format your pharmaceutical press release, please take a look at the Press Release 101 articles, found on our resources page.

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