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Political Endorsement Press Release

During a busy election season, parties and candidates work hard to garner as many endorsements as they possibly can. They know that many voters will regard them more favorably if they have the seal of approval from a reputable association or organization.

If you are announcing a political endorsement, you want to communicate it in a way that is meaningful and gets the right kind of attention. Currently there is a barrage of political reporting in the media. In this setting, it can be a challenge to give your political endorsement the attention that it deserves.

A perfect solution is to issue a political endorsement press release.

Unlike ads or phone campaigns, a political press release is a news story whose target audience is comprised of reporters and journalists. If it is crafted and formatted effectively, a political endorsement press release will engage the attention of the media sufficiently for them to report on it to potential voters.

Some believe that in today’s world where social media is so prevalent, the press release is no longer an effective means of communication. But in fact the political press release is a more potent method than ever to get important news out to a large audience. However, a lack of knowledge of correct press release format can often cause a political press release to be ignored or forgotten.

There are a few simple guidelines that can help you get the message of your political endorsement across effectively.

Above all, remember that the purpose of a political press release is to report a news event. Resist the temptation to use it as an opportunity to advertise. The media (and everyone else) can easily lose interest in the many differing opinions and biases which besiege them in a busy political season. So stick to the facts. Focus on your candidate’s qualifications [1] rather than dwelling on issues which can prove divisive. If you do make assertions about your candidate, always back them up with factual information and data. Any mention of issues should be confined to those on which the candidate has already expressed a viewpoint. For example, don’t mention immigration unless this is an issue on which the candidate has spoken publicly.

Don’t forget that you will need a catchy headline and a brief but succinct opening paragraph. Busy reporters need to be hooked on your story at the beginning.

Keep your political press release short: no more than a page if possible. But include links and accurate contact information so that a reporter can easily find more information if desired.

Once you have finished your political endorsement press release, go to our online order form and simply enter your text to begin an order. We will distribute it to all the major news networks for you, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Positive press often seems discouragingly absent during an election season. A political press release is an ideal tool to counteract the negativity and get your candidate the right kind of media attention.


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