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Political Party Press Release

In a busy political season, it can seem as though everyone is vying for attention from the media. Emotions run high and everyone feels strongly about his or her candidate.

If you have been given the job of publicizing events for a political candidate, there’s no doubt that you probably feel overwhelmed. The stakes are high and it takes a lot for someone to stand out when there is so much news being reported from various platforms and parties.

In this climate, a political press release is an invaluable tool. It can bring your party or candidate much-needed positive press through a simple news story, without the intrusiveness of a commercial. If it’s done well, it can be a great opportunity to make your party or candidate shine.

When considering how to create an effective political party press release, it’s helpful to remember the principle of the inverted pyramid [1]. This is a concept that dates back to the invention of the telegraph, when reporters were first able to send back news of an event shortly after it had happened. The problem was, that these telegrams were often cut short, leaving very few words for the reporter to get his message across. Thus, they quickly learned to put all the most important information in the beginning. For this reason, the 5ws and h (what, who, when, where, why and how) are still included in the first paragraph of news stories today.

It’s the same with a political press release. Even if your reader loses the connection with (or interest in) your topic, you have still conveyed the most important information before the connection was lost.

So to maximize the effectiveness of your political party press release, keep in mind that your headline and your first paragraph are the most important parts. Hundreds of press releases come across a journalist’s desk every day, many of them in attempts to garner support for a particular political agenda or candidate. To keep the attention of a busy reporter, you will need to hook them right in the beginning.

In just a few words, use your headline to let your audience what is newsworthy about your story. Your headline must accurately reflect your message and also make the reader want to know more. For example, the headline “Who Won the Republican Debate Round 1?” gets right to the heart of the story by asking a question that we want to answer.

It’s essential to hold onto the reader’s attention in the first paragraph. Give them everything that they need to know as succinctly as possible. Tell them what the event or story is, who the key players are, and the location where it’s happening. Make your first paragraph as brief and concise as possible.

The remainder of your political press release will offer data and quotes. Perhaps there are numbers, such as poll results, which would be effective, or a memorable quote from a candidate’s recent speech.

End your political party press release by directing your audience to places where they can get more information if desired. Provide a website, a phone number, and an email address.

You also want to make your political press release distribution as effective as possible. There’s no need to strain your budget for that. You can very easily distribute your political party press release by submitting an online order on the Press Release Jet website. For prices as low as $69, we will make sure that your political party press release gets out to all the top-tier media networks, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, Google News and Bing News.

A political press release is a great way to bring some positive attention to your party or candidate with very little cost and effort.


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