Political Press Release Sample

A political press release can be a very valuable tool when used strategically during a campaign. However, during an election, the sheer volume of political press releases that are issued every day means that many will be ignored. Busy journalists simply do not have time to read them all.

A well-written, newsworthy political press release can make the difference between conveying your message to the media or sending it on a one-way track to oblivion. But it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Here are a few political press release samples to guide you in the process.

  1. Who won the Republican Debate Round 1? A perspective from 67 data scientists monitoring the US primaries

    Something to notice about this sample political press release: the headline definitely captures your attention. At this particular moment, the Republican debate was on everyone’s mind and we all want to know who “won” it. The mention of “data scientists” in the headline adds weight to the statement and shows that it will be backed up with facts. Your headline should capture the newsworthy angle of your political press release. Ask yourself the question “Why would someone care about this?” and use that to frame your headline. Remember that your headline is your best chance of getting and keeping the audience’s attention. A good headline should not be too long. If there is additional information you want to add to your headline to make it more effective, you can do this in a sub-heading, such as the sub-head for this political release: “Bush leads a crowded field with Trump providing good entertainment say data scientists competing on CrowdANALYTIX, a crowdsourcing platform for data analytics.” Here the subhead adds more information that tells us why this political press release is newsworthy.
  2. Breaking News – Nevada Candidate sues Feds over Gun Control Act”

    This is another example of a headline that briefly highlights the newsworthy element of the story. Another thing to notice in this political press release sample is that it is written entirely in the third person and avoids the trap of turning a press release into an advertisement or an editorial. It’s a sure bet that the person issuing the press release has a strong opinion on this issue, but that is not expressed. That’s because a political press release is, first and foremost, a news story. Reporters can quickly lose interest if it comes off as an advertisement for a party, candidate, or specific political persuasion.
  3. Social Security Reform Hot Topic for Presidential Candidates

    In this sample political press release, assertions are backed up with numbers and quotes.

    “New reports are asserting that by 2033, the Social Security program will only be able to pay out 77% of benefits to recipients. This means that if an individual works hard for 40 years and is entitled to an $1,800 a month pay-out, they’ll only be getting $1,386 per month in the year 2033.”

    These numbers make the assertion that the Social Security program is in decline more concrete and real. It also includes a quote from a financial expert: “‘The changing economic landscape in America makes it imperative that individuals factor in the unexpected,”’says Babb. ‘No one has a crystal ball. Every retirement portfolio should be globally diversified,’ he claims.”

    Make sure that any statements in your political press release are backed up by factual information.

A well-planned and correctly-formatted political press release can make a big difference in getting positive media attention. When you have finished writing your political press release, simply go to the Press Release Jet website and enter your text into our online order form. We will distribute it to all the top-tier media outlets, including ABC, CBS, NBC, Google News and Bing News. Use these strategies and examples to make your political press release a key part of your campaign.