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PRBuzz Review

An Objective Review of PRBuzz’s Unlimited Press Release Services

LOS ANGELES, CA – February 02, 2016 — PRBuzz offers a unique approach in the press release distribution industry, with a flat rate of $299 per year for unlimited press releases for a single company. For those handling multiple businesses or client accounts, the cost is $499 per year. We explore the service’s features and compare it with other options in the market.

What Does PRBuzz Offer for $299 a Year?

Subscribers receive a dedicated webpage on PR Buzz for each press release. The distribution network includes various online platforms, which vary in terms of audience and reach.

Our editors conducted a review of press releases published on PRBuzz’s site to gauge the spread and visibility:

Some users report varied results with PRBuzz, with experiences depending on the nature and reach of their press releases. While some have found limitations in terms of traffic and visibility, others appreciate the affordability and unlimited aspect of the service.

While PRBuzz’s network may not include some major journalistic outlets, it offers a cost-effective solution for continuous press release distribution, particularly for small businesses and startups.

Comparing PRBuzz with Press Release Jet

Press Release Jet, in contrast, boasts a network that includes prominent media outlets like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, and Bloomberg Business. Customers typically see their press releases picked up by over 400 media outlets, contributing to significant visibility and SEO benefits.

Choosing Press Release Jet for $129 per release offers extensive media coverage and SEO advantages. However, PRBuzz’s model of unlimited releases at $299/year presents an alternative for those needing frequent distribution at a fixed cost.

Here is an example of media coverage for a Press Release Jet’s release:

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