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Comparing Press Release Writing Services

You need a good press release. No, scratch need a GREAT press release. But how to go about it?

You know you don’t have the time or the expertise to write your press release yourself, but you also don’t have a lot of money to spend on hiring someone.

What are your options?

Cheap Services

If you truly want to economize, it’s not difficult to find someone willing to write your press release for you cheaply. Sites like Fiverr are populated with would-be writers. Some of them are willing to write your press release for as little as $5.

Sounds unbeatable, right? What’s not to like about hiring someone to write a press release at a price that’s just slightly more than a good cup of coffee? That means you will have plenty of time to do other tasks essential to running your business. Everybody wins.

But then you begin to realize that you’re not getting anything at all for that $5. The only way that you’ll get anything of quality is if you are upsold for more money. So even if it appears that you are only going to pay $5 for your press release, the reality is that you will end up paying more than that.

That’s OK, you’re thinking. I can afford a little more than $5 if it means I’m getting quality work.

Are there writers on sites like Fiverr who will write you a quality press release? The answer is...maybe.

While there may be some good writers offering their services on this type of platform, the reality is that an experienced writer will not offer quality services for $5. However, there are numerous writers from outside the US, where the cost of living is cheap, who do hire themselves out on these sites for inexpensive rates. Such writers often lack native knowledge of English, as well as experience in press release writing. It can be a rude shock when you get a press release back brimming with errors and lacking in message. Because of their lack of experience, such writers have limited knowledge of correct press release format. Distributing such a press release can cause you and your business more harm than good, potentially marring your reputation as a professional. You know you don’t offer amateur goods or services; so why would you send out an amateur press release?

Other Inexpensive Options

It’s still possible to hire someone to write your press release at affordable rates. But be careful.

Although these services may do a fair job at writing your press release, they are unlikely to have much experience in press release distribution. Quality press release distribution requires knowledge of SEO, as well as connections with media professionals nationwide (or even worldwide). Additionally, it’s helpful to have the ability to reach industry-specific websites, blogs and journals. Connections to local media in your town or region are essential, too.

If you hire a low-cost service for distribution of your press release, chances are that you’ll regret it. Time and money will be wasted as your press release sits on the company website where no journalists will ever see it.

Again, contracting with amateur PR services can be damaging to your professional reputation, as well as sending your valuable resources into a black hole.

Paying Up For a Professional

If you know you need a quality press release written by an expert, and you have funds allocated in your budget to PR, you may decide to hire a professional publicist to write your press release for you. A good publicist knows all the ins and outs of press release writing, and will take the time to craft yours effectively. He or she will use a quality press release distribution (such as Press Release Jet) to ensure that your press release is distributed to all essential channels.

The cost of a good publicist varies according to location and other factors. Generally, the price of a single press release from a good publicist ranges from $200 to $750, or even more. Most will encourage you to purchase a full press kit, which can cost you between $1500 and $6000, depending on your location and the extent of service provided.

While these costs may be more than you anticipated for a good PR campaign, these providers will almost certainly bring you professional-quality results.

But is that the only option for effective press release writing and distribution?

PR Copywriter + Press Release Jet = Cost-Effective PR

Press Release Jet offers you the ability to secure expert press release writing and distribution services at an affordable rate.

PR Copywriter , our press release writing service, connects you with experienced press release writers. These expert writers are native English speakers with detailed knowledge of the craft. They are committed to quality, and will complete your press release within 2-3 days, providing revisions as necessary.

Our Concierge writing service is available for just $99, a fraction of the price you would pay a professional publicist for the same service. In addition, our combo packages allow you to bundle press release writing with our distribution service at a discounted rate.

With Press Release Jet’s distribution service , your press release is guaranteed syndication in search engines, social media platforms, and premium news networks: a total of over 375 media sites. We can reach industry blogs, financial feeds, and local newspapers and TV stations. In fact, our distribution is so far superior to many others that professional publicists use our service to distribute press releases professionally. By contracting with us instead, you save money and eliminate the middleman.

Our single press release distribution services range from $49-$299, depending on the level of service that you require. You can save even more money with a high-volume monthly subscription .

Press release writing and distribution can be conveniently and affordably combined in one pricing package. These packages range from $84 to $348, depending on the level of service. Even at our top pricing tier, our prices are significantly lower than those charged by a publicist for press release writing and distribution of equivalent quality.

When it comes to publicity, it is possible to save money and get MORE than you paid for with Press Release Jet.

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