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Press Release Checklist

So your company is announcing a great new product or an exciting event and you are ready to press “Send” on that press release to let everyone know about it.  But wait…wait just a minute.  Consider that thousands of press releases go out every day.  Don’t waste this opportunity.  Think about what you can do to make your press release effective.

Our Press Release Checklist is the perfect solution.  These are the questions which will help you make sure you have written a fantastic press release, one that will accomplish your goals, before you hit “Send.”

Checklist Preview

  • Does your headline grab attention with few words?
  • If you have a subhead, is it concise?
  • Does your first paragraph adequately summarize your main points?
  • Is the remaining text of your press release informative and concise?
  • Have you provided accurate contact information?
  • Does your press release spur your audience to action?
  • Have you written your press release entirely in the third person?
  • Has the press release been thoroughly proofread by several people for grammar, punctuation and spelling?
  • Have you properly configured all URLs and anchor texts?
  • Is your press release short enough?
  • … and MUCH more!

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Once you have thoroughly reviewed our checklist, you can feel confident that your press release is newsworthy and engaging enough to accomplish your goals!  Now you are ready to send it out. Simply open up our order form, enter relevant details and your body of text, and we’ll make sure it is correctly formatted and packaged to suit your needs.

Let us help you make your press release the one that stands out from the crowd!

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