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Real Estate Lead Generation

With so many tools available to realtors for lead generation, it can be overwhelming to decide what strategies have merit. With limited time and budget, you will want to focus on the lead generation tactics that prove most profitable.

But how to decide? Should you focus your efforts on online marketing, or on more old-school methods like door knocking?

The answer is…a little of both. A balance of traditional and cutting-edge tactics will help you optimize your lead generation.

Here is a mix of strategies that are proven to be most effective.

  1. Zillow and Realtor.com listings. 88% of potential home buyers[1] are now searching for homes online, so this is an opportunity that you can’t afford to ignore. But you have to be very intentional in your tactics if you want to really use these sites to generate more leads. Make sure that you use Realtor.com’s Showcase Listings Enhancement feature to create a profile and build your brand[2]. Let clients know that your goal is to get a five-star rating on Zillow through customer reviews.
  2. Real estate farming. Market yourself as the top agent in your geographical area through diverse tactics, such as sending out a quarterly comparative market analysis, door knocking, and building a neighborhood real estate website. Also it’s very effective to simply make phone calls around the neighborhood[3], letting residents know if a property has just been sold or listed.
  3. Facebook advertising. Most of your potential clients are spending a significant portion of their time on Facebook. Advertising on Facebook is relatively inexpensive and very effective. These ads can be targeted very precisely to a specific audience and they are also non-invasive, so potential clients are more likely to read them.
  4. Expired and For Sale by Owner listings. These potential clients are already motivated to sell. Focus on building a relationship with them by offering useful information about just-sold properties in their neighborhood and by marketing FSBO listings along with your own.
  5. An email campaign. Use an email database to build relationships with potential clients. Send them a newsletter which establishes you as an expert on real estate in your local area.
  6. Issue periodic press releases. Build and maintain a good relationship with the media, and then issue a real estate press release to announce recent listings, sales, or just current trends in the market.
  7. Maintain and use an active referral database. Develop a realtor database plan to make varied “touches” throughout the course of a year. Adding a simple lead capture form on your website can allow you to build your database easily. Include it as a Free Consulting Form or a Real Estate Checklist and offer a small incentive for filling it out, such as a free webinar or a spreadsheet comparing home prices in your area.

A varied approach, that includes face-to-face, telephone, and online contact will generate the most real estate leads for your business. Employ a mix of strategies to find success.


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