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Real Estate Press Release

We know that one of the greatest challenges for a real estate agent is to get his name out locally with a minimum of expense. Many are working hard to publicize their business and finding that it can cost thousands of dollars to do so.

One great publicity tool that realtors often overlook[1] is the good old-fashioned press release.

The fact is, that real estate press releases are probably the least expensive and most efficient way to reach potential clients.

Unfortunately, many realtors fail to utilize this tool, possibly because they don’t feel they know enough about publicity to craft an effective press release. But there are a few simple strategies that can quickly make you the first person that comes to mind when clients in your area need a realtor.

First get to know the editors[2] of your local newspaper. Consider taking them out for lunch or coffee. Initially you are not trying to sell them anything; just get to know them so you have a point of contact in your local news media.

Once you have gotten to know some local editors, then start sending out press releases on a weekly basis, if possible. Remember that you want to find a newsworthy element for each press release. Maybe you just sold a property of historic significance in your town. Or maybe there has been a sudden shift to a buyer’s market or a seller’s market. Whatever your newsworthy angle may be, make sure you include it in your headline. Make your headline as catchy and memorable as possible. Remember that the media is flooded with press releases every day, and you need to get your audience’s attention and keep them hooked if yours is going to stand out.

In your first paragraph, give all the relevant details of your story. Focus on the 5Ws and H (what, who, when, where, why, and how). It is your headline and first paragraph that will decide whether your audience will read your press release.

In the remaining body of text, develop your ideas with facts, stories, and quotes.

Once you have finished writing your press release, submit an online order at Press Release Jet. We will distribute it to all the top-tier media outlets (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CW, Google News, and Bing News)!

By sending out press releases on a regular basis, you can dominate the news media in your area. When potential clients see your name in the news regularly, they will see you as highly credible. It’s different from other forms of publicity which seem like advertising. If you are the realtor whose name is often in the news, clients will remember you.

Realtors are often hesitant to spend money to promote their business. There are significant business costs inherent in the real estate business, long before you make a sale. But a press release is a low-cost, highly effective way to get your name out and to quickly connect you with your potential clients.


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