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Realtor Press Release

Of all the public relations tools now available to realtors, especially now in the digital age, it can be overwhelming to decide what would work best for you and your career. A realtor’s time and budget are both very limited; so you need to choose the marketing strategy which provides the biggest bang for your buck.

Have you considered a real estate press release?

This is a tool with vast untapped potential for realtors. When the public sees your name in a news report rather than an ad or a flyer, it gives you more credibility. A real estate press release appears more like news, not a sales pitch. If you issue a real estate press release on a monthly basis, then potential clients will be sure to remember your name when they want to find a realtor.

Part of the reason that realtors don’t utilize this tool very much is simply that they lack basic knowledge of how to craft an effective real estate press release. Reporters see hundreds of press releases every day so you will have to put in some effort to make yours stand out.

You can start this process long before you send out your actual press release by getting to know the editors of any local papers ahead of time. Establish a rapport with them. Take them out for coffee. If they know you personally, they will be more likely to read and report on your real estate press release.

Once you have established that connection, come up with a newsworthy angle for your real estate press release. Is there an interesting new trend happening in the real estate market? Have you recently made a noteworthy sale? Are you starting an email newsletter or beginning to offer some other new service? These are all possible news stories.

Once you have that newsworthy angle, incorporate it into a catchy headline. Remember that your headline and your first paragraph must capture and hold the attention of your audience. Make your headline brief but compelling. A great example of a headline is this[1] recent press release from the NAR: “Realtors to Congress: Flood Insurance Rates Pose Threat to Business and Homeownership.” Notice that this headline is quite brief, but it manages to get the important details across and uses attention-getting words like “Congress,” “flood,” and “threat.”

In your first paragraph, give all relevant information about your story. Focus on the 5Ws and H (when, who, what, when, where, and how). Above all, remember that this is a news story. Don’t overtly try to sell anything. Keep your tone journalistic.

Flesh out the remainder of your real estate press release with interesting quotes, data, stories, or even videos. The object of this portion of the press release is to add a human element to your story.

In the final paragraph, provide a call to action. Direct your audience to send you an email or visit your website for more information.

Once your press release is written, go to our online order form, enter your body of text, and Press Release Jet will distribute it to all the premium news outlets.

Master the art of the real estate press release, and you will quickly become the agent that everyone wants to hire.


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