Software Press Release

If you’re a software developer, you are probably searching for simple but effective marketing strategies. You want to find methods that give you clear results, but do not have too much of an impact on your time or your budget.

There are some who believe that a press release is no longer an effective way of marketing your software. In some cases, this may be true. Technological advances have radically altered the ways in which we communicate with target audiences. The effective crafting and distribution of a software press release requires a different set of strategies in order to use these advances to your advantage.

The key is to make your software press release appealing to journalists so that they will find it easy to cover your story.

Here are a few tips to help with that:

  1. Optimize your press release for search engines. Use Google’s Keyword Planner Tool to help identify high-volume search terms. Then use those keywords frequently, especially in your headline.
  2. Provide Relevant, Newsworthy Information. Find the newsworthy angle about your software so that journalists don’t have to search for it. Make sure your headline reflects the most important message of your software press release. Also use data and facts to back up any statements.
  3. Follow Basic Formatting Guidelines. It’s easier for a reporter to access the information in your software press release if it follows established guidelines for press release format. Put all your most important information in the opening paragraph and preserve an objective, journalistic tone throughout.
  4. Tell the Audience Where to Get More Information. An effective press release should be short (no more than a page), but simplify the media’s job by telling them where to learn more about your software, if desired. Link to your website and provide accurate contact information. Make sure that a knowledgeable person is available to respond to messages or calls about your product.
  5. Use the Right Press Release Distribution Service. To make your software press release 100% effective, you will want to distribute it all the major news outlets and industry journals. There are free press release distribution services out there, but they will only house your press release on their own website and some of the paid services can charge as much as $369 to distribute through the necessary channels. A great solution is to try Press Release Jet. Our premium package (only $129) will get your software press release out on more than 375 different media sites, including all the top-tier media outlets (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW).

The press release is not outdated. With some strategy, it can be one of the most powerful PR tools at your disposal.