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Campaign Launch Press Release Template

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Organization Launches Campaign Name

City, State - Today's Date or Scheduled Date -- Organization announced their new Campaign name Campaign, with a purpose of educating voters about issue in time for the date election.

The campaign will target demographic in an effort to raise awareness of issue and increase voter turnout for target legislation. Even at this early stage, more than number organizations within location have pledged support or signed on to assist in the campaign.

Quote from staff member about the need for education, commitment and volunteering.

Interested parties can learn more about Campaign name by visiting the Organization website at page address. There, users will find materials, more information, sign-up options, etc. that will help support the movement.

Organization background, other campaigns they have organized, how long they've been running, what they represent.

About Organization

Boilerplate - Organization Info.

Media Contact

Company Name
Email Address
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